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New York

New York

Take a bite of the Big Apple and you’ll definitely want more. New York is the city that doesn’t sleep and neither should you when you stop by for a visit. There’s something to entice every age, background and interest; the city’s cosmopolitan energy offering almost any experience you could anticipate. Kick back in a park, pound those pavements and admire the city lights.  
Although there are five boroughs (suburbs) comprising New York, each with its own unique culture, it’s likely you’ll spend most of your time on the island of Manhattan. From trendy Greenwich Village and SoHo, to Times Square, Central Park and Harlem, you’ll enjoy exploring the unique identity, culture and quirks of each neighbourhood. In one day, you can visit the world! Chinatown, the home of the largest and oldest enclave of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere, in the morning, and Little Italy in lower Manhattan for a delicious pizza lunch. 
Your cruise ship will dock at Manhattan Terminal, located on Manhattan’s West Side and just under 10 blocks from Central Park.  If you’re disinclined to walk into the city, hail a Yellow Taxicab that can be found along every major street and in front of hotels and tourist attractions. The closest train stations are Penn Station (31st to 33rd) and Grand Central Station (42nd Street and Park Avenue), from where you can catch the subway or bus. The closest subway meanwhile is Columbus Circle.
The best way to “see” Manhattan is to walk through the city. The city is laid out in a grid format, with Uptown referring to north and downtown to south. Street numbers rise as you move up from downtown to uptown.  Be warned though as attractions are located a fair distance apart and it may be quicker to catch the subway that is inexpensive, operates 24 hours a day, is easy to use and extensive. You can buy a MetroCard at subway stations. Download a subway map here  You can also use your MetroCard on New York’s public buses, which offer an extensive service across New York. Buses run at regular intervals depending on the time of day and stop every other block on avenue routes. Visit to plan your route and find out about bus fares. New York would not be New York without its signature yellow taxicab. These little bolts of yellow are prolific across Manhattan and operate 24 hours a day.