Refinement and attention to detail on a large scale is what passengers can expect on board Crystal Cruises luxury ships…
It’s a fine balancing act. On the one hand Crystal Cruises promises incredible service, flexibility and outstanding facilities, on the other, at almost 1 000 passengers on board it should be almost impossible to offer the intimate experience offered by its smaller luxury counterparts. And yet it succeeds in doing just that… ensuring that there is a great deal of variety on board in terms of dining, entertainment and activities to keep you engaged no matter what your interest. From the fantastic enrichment programmes onboard to onboard sushi bars and expansive wine cellars, Crystal has earned its reputation for providing luxury on a large scale. Unlike its smaller luxury cruise line counterparts, Crystal also has solid family cruising facilities and programmes successfully offering a hybrid cruising experience that will appeal to both young and old.

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ID # 19

Highlights: Despite undergoing a multi-million refit as recent as 2011, Crystal Serenity is getting yet another makeover, this time to... (more...)