10 Must-do Romantic Activities for Couples in Mauritius

23 November 2023
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While Mauritius has always been a top destination for South Africans for it’s excellent family-friendly resorts – and indeed continues to be a popular all-inclusive family destination throughout the year – it is also one of the best places for a romantic holiday.  

Known for its beaches, lagoons, and reefs, Mauritius is home to some of the most scenic spots that will sweep you off your feet. And if you’re looking to make unforgettable memories with your significant other, this tropical paradise has got just what you need.  Let’s explore 10 must-do romantic activities for couples in Mauritius! 

1. Private beach picnics

Imagine spending an entire afternoon with your partner on a secluded beach with the shimmering blue waters as your backdrop, relishing a delicious picnic. Mauritius is dotted with several beaches that offer serene and private spots, perfect for a couple’s day outing. 

2. Sailing or sailboat excursions

What better way to spend time with your loved one than sailing while soaking up the sun and taking in the breathtaking views of the ocean? Catamaran cruises offer sunset sails and even overnight excursions where you can enjoy dinner under the starlight.  

3. Snorkelling and diving

The crystal-clear waters of Mauritius are home to magnificent coral reefs that offer a world of underwater wonder. If you want to experience the colourful marine life with your better half, then a day of snorkelling or diving is a must-do.  

 4. Sunsets at the resort 

Catching a sunset with your loved one in Mauritius is a magical experience that shouldn’t be missed. From elegant resort patios to secluded beach spots, there are numerous places providing the perfect vantage points to take in a romantic sunset. 

5. Natural excursions and sightseeing while hiking

While Mauritius is famous for its beaches, there is a hidden world of mountains, forests, and waterfalls on the island that couples would relish. Head out on a hike or rent a quad bike to explore the island’s natural beauty and make unforgettable memories along the way. 

6. Spa treatments

You’re on an island! It’s time to pamper yourself and your partner with a relaxing spa treatment or couples massage. Several luxurious resorts on the island offer a range of world-class services and facilities to make your spa day even more romantic. 

7. Horseback riding

 If you want to add something a little more adventurous to your romantic getaway, then horseback riding is an excellent option. With lush greenery as your background, you can discover the island’s beauty by a leisurely ride on horseback.  

8. Visit Port Louis Central Market 

A bustling atmosphere, Port Louis Central Market offers an authentic experience of the island’s local culture. Couples can spend an unforgettable morning or afternoon exploring Mauritius’ markets, soaking up traditions and the country’s history.  

9. Waterfalls of the Shivasamputra River

If there’s anything more romantic than a secluded waterfall, it’s a secret waterfall! The remarkable waterfall tucked away in the Shivasamputra River Valley is the perfect place for a romantic excursion.  

10. Beach walks

When it comes to romance, it’s hard to go wrong with a long walk on the beach. Mauritius has an array of stunning beaches, each offering its unique finds to explore and marvel. When the sun dips into the horizon casting promises of tomorrow, it’s the perfect moment for an intimate stroll. 

Book a Romantic Mauritius Holiday today 

Mauritius is an exceptional holiday destination that offers something unique to each couple. From natural wonders to relaxing spa days, couples can plan to create unforgettable memories to cherish for years to come. The key takeaway is to keep some downtime to relax with your spouse while scheduling activities that you both will enjoy together. Browse our all-inclusive Mauritius packages or honeymoon packages now and start planning your romantic escape. 

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