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Bali holiday packages

Welcome to Bali, a paradise that beckons with its mystical allure. Whether you seek forest explorations, spiritual temple visits, lazy days on beautiful beaches, or exhilarating dives among manta rays, our Bali holiday packages from South Africa offer the perfect alternative to the usual island escape. Let the scent of frangipani and the rhythm of traditional gamelan music transport you to a world where time slows down, and every moment is infused with magic. With its deep spiritual essence and rich cultural heritage, holidays in Bali are all about wonder and exploration. Book a trip to Bali if you’re looking for an adventure holiday, looking to find yourself, or just want some relaxing downtime.  🌸🌴🌊🏄‍♀️

Bali isn't all there is to explore in exciting Indonesia or even Asia. Head to the pristine jungles of Cambodia, or enjoy the all-out magic of the islands of Thailand

Travel to Bali

Discover terraced rice paddies at dawn, explore monkey-crowded forests and visit spiritual water temples blanketed in flowers🐒🌺. Adventure holiday seekers can surf Bali’s legendary waves and dive with manta rays and turtles🐢. Spiritual yogis, discover enlightenment in Ubud. And partygoers, head to Kuta for a carousing local nightlife. There’s something for every kind of traveller on a Bali holiday. 

Whatever your reasons for booking a Bali holiday package from South Africa, the island’s slow pace and light touch is seductive. Like the locals, who return daily to their family temple to leave exquisite floral offerings, you’ll want to return to Bali’s undeniable magic as often as possible. 

Bali is a world of contrasts: vibrant and mysterious, glamorous and relaxed, spiritual and adventurous. Search our all-inclusive Bali packages to plan a tropical beach holiday with an Asian flavour. 

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Looking for what you can do and see in Bali? We've got you covered:

Tanah Lot Temple: Visit one of the most sacred sea temples in Bali. 

Uluwatu Temple: Witness a daily Kecak dance in the clifftop temple at sunset. 

Tegallalang Rice Terraces: Find inner peace exploring terraced rice paddies at dawn. 

Ubud Monkey Forest: Home to 3 holy temples and countless Balinese macaque monkeys. 

Kintamani and Mount Batur: Explore an active volcano with views of the Batur caldera lake.  

Ulun Danu Batur Temple and Hot Springs: Explore a sacred temple dedicated to the goddess of lakes and rivers. 

Goa Gajah Elephant Cave: Discover an important archaeological site.

Bali Travel Tips

  • Spend at least 10 nights in Bali to immerse yourself in the local culture. 
  • Pack sunscreen and a hat plus good walking shoes. 
  • Bali is a shopper’s paradise, so be sure to take extra spending money and haggle for the best price at market stalls as it’s part of the culture 
  • Budget for taxi fares to explore more of the island, like Ubud and Gili. 
  • Head to the local bars or buy drinks at the supermarkets instead of at hotels where prices are often double. 
  • Treat yourself to affordable daily spa treatments at local spas and salons or even on the beach. 
  • Book activities on arrival as local packages tend to be more cost effective. 
  • Discover Bali’s excellent cuisine and eat out at local restaurants. 
  • Head to Seminyak for uncrowded beaches and good surfing. 
  • For an authentic experience of Balinese culture, sign up for a cooking class with the locals. 
  • Expect palm fringed beaches in the south and black sand beaches in the north.
  • Trips to Bali from South Africa are an affordable holiday option for travellers looking to combine a relaxing beach escape with a unique Asian culture 
  • The best time to visit Bali is between April and September. 
  • A trip to Bali is best avoided during the rainy season, which falls between October and March. 
  • Trips to Bali from South Africa can take between 14- and 18-hours flying time, with many airlines offering flights via the Middle East. 
  • Couples and honeymooners on holiday in Bali will enjoy the island’s alluring romance. 
  • Families with active teenagers will appreciate Bali’s abundance of watersports and beachside fun. 

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