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Seychelles holiday packages

Picture powder-white beaches, cerulean waters and lush hills; with 115 tropical Indian Ocean islands on which to be cast away in style, a Seychelles holiday package transforms your daydreams into reality. Each island is unique, offering pristine beaches, lush tropical vegetation, and seas so blue they match the sky. Whether you’re on Mahé with its 65 beaches, the car-free haven of La Digue, or the secluded Desroches and Silhouette, you’ll find solitude and breathtaking vistas.

Still searching for your ideal island getaway? Take a look at our Maldives holiday packagesMauritius holiday packages, and Zanzibar holiday packages. There's so much to love about a Beach Break or Honeymoon Package, or try a Seychelles All-Inclusive break for a no-fuss, all relax trip to remember. We also offer fantastic deals on flights to the Seychelles.

Travel to the Seychelles

At least half the world’s oldest group of islands is protected territory and teeming with undersea life. There are a wide array of Seychelles holiday packages and Seychelles honeymoons on offer. Chat to a travel agent who can guide you to ensure you choose the perfect resort for you, whether you are travelling with your family or loved one.  

The most popular islands to visit for a Seychelles Holiday include Mahe and Praslin, while smaller islands such as La Digue, North Island and Sainte Anne offer additional privacy, exclusivity and unique resort experiences.  

Give your Instagram a shot of island envy with snaps of Anse Lazio, one of the world’s most photographed beaches. Gaze up at soaring palm trees found nowhere else on earth before dining on fresh seafood, prepared in the local Creole style.   

With endless beaches to explore, shaded pergolas to lounge beneath, and the slow, slow tempo of the islands to match your mood, there’s something undeniably dreamlike about a Seychelles holiday.

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Seychelles Travel Tips 

  • Select an all-inclusive Seychelles resort so that you can stash your wallet and enjoy a hassle-free holiday to the Seychelles. 
  • We recommend choosing a 7-night Seychelles Holiday package in order for you to make the most of the islands and your chosen resort. 
  • If travelling on a Seychelles honeymoon, ensure you let the hotel know, so they can arrange something extra special for you. 
  • When travelling to the Seychelles from South Africa, there’s no need to worry about changing rands to rupees prior to departure, as foreign exchange can be transacted at various Seychelles banks. 
  • Hop the islands — each island has its own charm and unusual character. 
  • If you’re travelling on a budget, plan for the fact that meals, drinks, and excursions can be pricey (which is why we recommend all-inclusive).   
  • Book your Seychelles holiday activities on arrival for greater flexibility and to accommodate changes in weather. 
  • Grocery stores are limited, so consider stowing an emergency snack pack in your luggage. 
  • Locals might appear restrained at first, but they respond warmly to a cheerful “hello”. 
  • Take plenty of photos, they are the ultimate, lightweight souvenirs. 

Facts about travelling to the Seychelles 

  • Best time to visit Seychelles? While a Seychelles holiday is a good idea any time of the year, April, May, and October are calm, windless and less crowded. 
  • If you go on holiday to Seychelles between December and March, expect short tropical bursts of rain. 
  • Your dream Seychelles holiday is an easy 5-hour direct flight from Johannesburg and conveniently visa-free. 

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