Delivering Sunshine

Posted January 1, 2015

At the 2014 managers conference in Bangkok, our managers agreed that we do more than just sell travel. Through our core values, passion for people and our love for travel, we believe we create happiness and express this happiness as delivering Sunshine.

Our CEO (Sean Penn) and our National Sales Manager (The Bergariser) hit the road to Deliver Sunshine to our entire company! After the road show, every employee took 'The sunshine Pledge' . By taking the Pledge, they promise to do their best to create the very best Customer experience and promise never to hard sell, up sell or do any other kind of sell.... Instead we want to get to know you, and give you THE BEST customer experience!

​Our Sunshine Pledge states that Pentravel be a place where people WANT to work… And it must be a place where customers LOVE doing business… #DelieveringSunshine


Pentravel Staff

Adele Palm (Pentravel Trainer), Lindsey Zietsman (Pentravel Expert)

Daniella Theron. Pentravel Advisor

​Nicole Coetzer (Cape Regional Manager)