6 Ways to Make your Trafalgar Tour the Trip of a Lifetime

05 December 2023
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Are you trying to squeeze the most out of every holiday moment to make it the best trip possible?  

Whether you’re a travel newbie or a frequent flyer, these six fail-safe travel hacks from Trafalgar will maximise your time away.  

Here’s how to make your Trafalgar tour the trip of a lifetime.

Book with an expert

Your dream trip starts by booking with the best. Your experienced travel consultant will use their years of experience to offer you the best advice, recommend the best flight routings, give you in-depth destination knowledge and use their network to ensure that no detail is left to chance – and that you enjoy a seamless, hassle-free experience. They’re also fantastic at helping you maximise your budget. 

Do your research

Before you meet with your travel consultant, decide what you want from your holiday and where you would like to visit, to help them tailor your dream trip. Even after you’ve booked your trip, reading some books and listening to music will help you know what to expect and, even more importantly, get you excited for the real thing! 

Be prepared

Just like travel insurance (an absolute must, even though you hope never to use it), it is crucial that you have your paperwork organised before you board your flight. Make copies of important documents in case the originals get lost, and always ask for the business card of your hotel so a taxi will know where to take you in case you get lost.

Pack wisely

“I should have packed more clothes,” said no traveller, ever. Almost every seasoned traveller will agree that packing light is best.  

Maximise your time away

International flights can be long and tiring. Beat any traces of jet lag or tiredness, and get your bearings, by arrive at least two days before your tour starts, and staying one day later at the hotel.

Experience to the max

Spend your travel budget seeing things and opting for experiences, not buying too many souvenirs. Try, do, feel, taste, hear and smell everything. 

Did you know? Among the benefits you’ll enjoy when you book a Trafalgar guided holiday include jumping to the front of the queue at some of the world’s most famous attractions. 

For over 73 years Trafalgar has carefully crafted their trips with one goal in mind; to enable you to live The Good Life. Choose from 302 trips across 7 continents and experience the extraordinary moments that’ll make your holiday the adventure of a lifetime. 

Contact your Pentravel expert today to make your dream Trafalgar tour a reality.

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