Europes Most Rand-Friendly Multi-Generational Family Holidays

18 January 2024
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International travel experts say multi-generational travel, which is more than one generation of the family travelling together, is this years’ top family travel trend.

With travellers putting more emphasis on experiences than material things, a holiday together with the family has become a way for families to spend quality time together and an opportunity to celebrate significant family occasions, such as anniversaries and birthdays, without much organising involved.

Europe remains a fascinating destination on almost every South African’s travel bucket list, according to Teresa Richardson, Managing Director for The Travel Corporation, which operates guided holiday brands including Trafalgar and Costsaver. Don’t let the Euro-factor put you off, she insists. There are still rand-friendly pockets perfect for the whole brood, from tots and teenagers to ouma and oupa.


Eastern Europe

“A great way to save on multigenerational family trips is to opt for a guided holiday,” says Richardson. “Guided holidays are an easy, hassle-free holiday, as the planning and research is not left to only one family member; everyone gets their say. We include all the essentials, such as luxury transport, quality accommodation, city tours and plenty of meals giving families the chance to tailor-make their itineraries with optional extras to please individual interests. And, especially for South Africans travelling on the rand, knowing the cost of your holiday upfront and having the essentials included gives great peace of mind and value for money – especially in places such as Europe, where these essentials can add up very, very quickly, thanks to the exchange rate.”

Travellers can save and still have that quintessential European experience by heading east. Many South Africans are opting for Eastern European destinations, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. “These little pockets of Europe are simply magical,” says Richardson. “They are beautiful, unspoiled and that little bit quieter than their busier counterparts such as Paris and London.”



Rand-friendly, sun-kissed and exotic, Portugal’s treasures are vast. Granny and grandad can choose an excursion to the beautiful Serra da Estrela mountain district while the parents enjoy a trip to Cascais to view the grand old mansions. Teens can soak up the sunshine on the hot-spot beaches near Lisbon while children of any age can stretch their legs with a walk up the seven hills of the city to the miradouros (viewpoints), for the best views over the city. The whole family will come together later to enjoy a seafood dinner at a traditional restaurant overlooking the Tagus River. There is something magical to experience for the whole family on a holiday in Portugal.

Did you know? Children aged five years and up are welcome on all Costsaver trips.



Turkey holidays have been a travel bestseller for years,” reports Richardson, who highlights the destination’s rich diversity of landscapes, attractions and cultural heritage. “The more favourable exchange rate (Turkey uses the Lira, rather than the Euro), is the icing on the cake,” she says.

A guided holiday, such as one enjoyed with Costsaver, affords guests an immersive experience. Travellers can connect with locals, support local businesses and watch live performances of the traditional Sema dance (whirling dervishes).

“Costsaver’s Wonders of Turkey tour is a firm favourite with South African families, as it is the easiest way to venture outside of the usual cities and enables the entire family to experience the rich culture of Turkey together,” concludes Richardson.


With Costsaver, the entire family can learn about a different destination, cultures and way of life in the most meaningful and enjoyable way possible, by experiencing it first-hand alongside locals. Embrace family travel and learning through travel.

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