Exploring Laplands Winter Wonders: A Pentravel Agents Journey 

04 July 2024
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When dreaming of the ultimate winter wonderland getaway, why not consider chasing the Northern Lights? This year, they’re the must-see phenomenon, and Pentravel has plenty of Norway packages to get you there. Now’s the perfect time to start planning, with the prime travel season running from September to March. 

One of our team members, Siobhan, just got back from Lapland and can’t stop raving about it – they highly recommend making it your next holiday destination. Inspired by her thrilling escapades, here are 10 compelling reasons to escape to book your winter wonderland adventure right now. 

1. Chase the Northern Lights 

Lapland provides one of the best stages worldwide to view the mesmerising Northern Lights. According to Siobhan, spending a night in an Aurora Glass Roof Cabin tops the list of must-do experiences. Imagine lying in a cosy bed while watching the aurora borealis swirl in vibrant hues above you – a truly magical sight! 

2. Snowmobiling Adventures 

One of Siobhan’s personal highlights was snowmobiling across the powdery, snow-covered fells. This thrilling ride lets you explore the vast, white landscapes and is a perfect mix of adrenaline and nature. 

3. A Taste of Local Cuisine: Salmon Soup 

When it comes to dining, trying a hearty bowl of traditional Salmon Soup is essential. This beloved dish, rich and warming, is a staple on Finnish tables and offers a taste of local flavours that should not be missed. 

4. Reindeer and Husky Safaris 

Engage with the culture and tradition of the local Sami people by taking a reindeer-led sleigh ride or a husky safari. These unique experiences are not only fun but also let you connect with the indigenous wildlife and learn about Sami heritage. 

5. Visit Santa Claus Village 

Lapland is famously home to Santa Claus Village, where you can meet Santa any day of the year. It’s a magical place, especially for families, complete with a post office that sends mail with the Arctic Circle postmark. 

6. Explore the Lappish Wilderness 

Lapland’s landscape offers incredible hiking and skiing opportunities. The region’s national parks, like Pallas-Yllästunturi, are fantastic for outdoor enthusiasts looking to enjoy pristine natural beauty. 

7. Ice Fishing 

Try your hand at ice fishing, a popular local pastime. Situated on a frozen lake, it’s not only a peaceful experience but also one that could reward you with a fresh catch, possibly even a delicious Arctic char! 

8. Lappish Cultural Immersion 

Visit a traditional Sami village and immerse yourself in Lappish culture. Learn about the craftsmanship, clothing, and music that are integral to Sami life and take the opportunity to support local artisans. 

9. Stay in Unique Accommodation 

Aside from the Aurora Glass Roof Cabins, Lapland offers a variety of unique places to stay. From snow hotels and ice castles to cosy log cabins, the accommodation here is an experience in itself. 

10. Capture Breathtaking Photos 

Siobhan’s top tip for those visiting: don’t forget to bring along touchscreen glove liners! You’ll find countless moments worth capturing, and keeping your hands warm while you snap photos is essential. 

Travel Smart with Pentravel 

You can count on Pentravel for a seamless travel experience to see the Northern Lights. Our agents excel in arranging all-inclusive packages that cover your travel, accommodation, and guided tours, ensuring you don’t miss out on popular activities.  

Your Arctic Adventure Awaits! 

Gear up for an extraordinary chance to see the Northern Lights at their brightest! Contact Pentravel today to craft your dream winter getaway, or chat with us for more on our tailored travel packages. Let’s make your snowy adventure come to life! 

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