Take the Quiz to Find Your Perfect Holiday Match

26 January 2024
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Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Answer the questions below to find out what type of holiday best suits your personality – think of it as your perfect holiday match. From beachfront bliss to snowy peaks, cruise delights to guided explorations, we’ve got it all covered!  

Answer with an open mind, and let the excitement build as we reveal your perfect match for the holiday of your dreams.  

Question 1: What’s Your Ideal Temperature? 

A. Warm with a touch of breeze. 

B. Crisp and refreshing. 

C. A mix of sun and cool air. 

D. Moderate and comfortable. 

E. Weather? I’m adaptable. 

Question 2: Select Your Ideal Accommodation 

A. A secluded spot with a breathtaking view. 

B. A place that balances comfort and adventure. 

C. Where I can enjoy different views every day. 

D. A cosy home base with a local touch. 

E. Anywhere with a unique perspective. 

Question 3: Choose Your Preferred Footwear 

A. I like to feel the sand between my toes. 

B. Practicality is key, but style matters too. 

C. Something comfortable for exploring different terrains. 

D. I need shoes that can take me anywhere. 

E. Variety is the spice of life, so all types of footwear! 

Question 4: Choose Your Ideal Atmosphere 

A. Relaxed and carefree. 

B. Exciting and exhilarating. 

C. Elegant and refined. 

D. Informative and enriching. 

E. Tranquil and serene. 

Question 5: Choose Your Spirit Animal 

A. Dolphin – playful and carefree. 

B. Snow leopard – agile and independent. 

C. Eagle – free, soaring above the oceans. 

D. Owl – wise and inquisitive. 

E. Swan – calm and graceful, gliding through the water. 


Mostly As: You are the Sun-Soaked Wanderer! Your ideal escape is a beach holiday in the tropical haven of Mauritius. Get ready to unwind on pristine shores and let the waves serenade your soul. 

Mostly Bs: You are the Thrill-Seeking Explorer! Pack your bags for a wild ride – your dream ski holiday in Europe awaits! Discover the adrenaline rush of Europe’s best ski resorts while surrounded by breathtaking winter landscapes. 

Mostly Cs: You are the Seascape Nomad! Set sail for an unforgettable adventure aboard a Mediterranean cruise in 2024. Explore diverse destinations, indulge in delectable cuisine, and let the sea guide your journey. 

Mostly Ds: You are the Cultural Trailblazer! Immerse yourself in new horizons with guided tours, discovering the world’s hidden gems while enjoying the comfort of boutique hotels. 

Mostly Es: You are the Tranquil Voyager! Navigate the waters on a serene riverboat cruise, embracing the peace and beauty that comes with river cruising. Your perfect holiday awaits along the gentle currents of a picturesque river. 

Let’s Get You to Your Dream Destination!  

Now that you know the holiday that would satisfy your wanderlust, browse our packages and get in touch with us to make it all happen. Before you know it, you’ll be saying bon voyage and welcoming a new adventure for 2024!

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