Float Your Boat with Busabout

14 December 2023
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Keep calm, and get Nauti-Cal!

Croatia, Turkey, Greece. What do they have in common? Beautiful Aegean Seas to sail on for starters and of course some delectable cuisine for you to savour. But there’s also the history and culture of the area, not to mention the amazing nightlife and stunning scenery.

Having a hard time deciding which cruise holiday to choose? We thought we’d see what sort of sailor you are and then pair you with your perfect sail trip and get you navigating the high seas.

Float Your Boat with Busabout

Got a little Pirate in you?

As long as people have travelled on boats there have been pirates. And if the history and legend of these salty sea dogs appeals to you then come sail Turkey with Busabout. You might get to enjoy drinking rum onboard but have no fear – there will be no ‘walking the plank’. Instead you’ll get to visit the ‘Smugglers Cove’ pirate island nightclub with your fellow landlubbers and of course there’ll be loads of time to swim in the gorgeous seas and lagoons.

Another fantastic highlight on this sailing trip is Kekova’s sunken city. Only accessible by water these spectacular (and Instagram worthy) ruins mark an ancient Lycian city that was overtaken by the sea due to an earthquake in the second century.

This trip sails from Fethiye and back taking in Samanlik Bay, St Nicholas Island, Kas, Limanagzi, Smugglers Cove, Demre, Kalkan and Firnaz Bay inbetween.

Hunter of Mythological Creatures

Are you enchanted with the history of Greece and particularly the mythology that shaped this country as we know it today? Are you a whizz at quiz night because you know your gods from the demi-gods, your Zeus from your Hades and your Titans from your Cyclops? And what of the god of the seas and the king of the seagods – Poseidon. In terms of sheer power he was second only to Zeus, who was the god of the whole Universe.

We have the perfect cruise to satisfy your quest. Start your search for Poseidon and his golden trident onboard Busabout’s Greek Island Hopper and get up close and personal with the mythology and history of one of the oldest nations in the world.

Float Your Boat with Busabout

Start in awe-inspiring Athens to explore the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Temple of Hephaestus. Then board the ferry for Mykonos where you might spot your own Greek god or goddess on Paradise beach. After three days in Mykonos, sail to Paros for some optional plate smashing before heading to the glorious island of Santorini followed by the party island of Ios.

Partial to a Party (or two)

Batten down the hatches! The party to end all parties awaits. The Croatia Island Hopper is the sailing trip for you if you’re keen to explore the magical nightlife that is on offer along the Dalmatian Coast. Sailing from Split to Split with Hvar, Mljet, Dubrovnik, Korcula, Makarska and Omis in between you’re sure to get your party on.

There’s a drink at the Kiva Bar in Hvar that you simply must try. The name gives away the experience – Tequila Boom Booms – and it involves wearing a helmet and a shot of tequila with soda. You can picture the rest!

And it that’s not enough fun there’s the Rave in a Cave in Makarska coming up. Set in a natural cave right on the beach you can enjoy cocktails while the sun sets and then head on to the dance floor for some techno, trance or progressive house.

Busabout’s sailing and Island hopping adventures prove that heaven is indeed a place on earth. So pick your favourite cruise holiday and get ready for idyllic sunsets, tasty seafood and swims in crystal clear waters. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Interested in sailing the seas with Busabout? Contact Pentravel now and start your adventure.

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