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01 December 2023
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Feel like following the sun instead of a schedule?

The last thing you want to feel when you’re on holiday is that you’re on a schedule. Breakfast at nine, fun at 11, and an afternoon snooze at three – how predictable.

As glamorous as cruising once was in the heyday of Transatlantic crossings, passengers were subject to a strict schedule. For dinner, you’d get dressed to the nines and glide into the dining saloon like lords and ladies. Unless, of course, you were a third-class passenger whose supper was a little less Fillet Mignon and a little more cabin biscuits and gruel.

Thankfully, old-fashioned cruising has been well and truly sunk by the likes of Norwegian Cruise Lines, which pioneered the concept of Freestyle Cruising, appealing to a younger cruise clientele which continues to grace the decks and cabins of the world’s cruise lines.

Simply put, Freestyle Cruising dispenses of set schedules and lets passengers decide where and when they’d like to dine. Fancy some pasta at a Trattoria? How about an Espetada at a Brazilian Churrascaria? With no fixed dining times or pre-assigned seating, passengers can enjoy a variety of dining options – perhaps even a different one for every day of their sailing. Goodbye dinner bell, hello leisurely lunches!

And that’s not where the Freestyle fun ends. You may have selected cruising for your next holiday based on the destinations you’re wanting to visit on one trip, but with the sheer depth of experiences available onboard, you may never want to abandon ship.

The world’s first onboard racing track, an open-air laser tag course, water parks with slides and rides that will make your inner water baby squeal with delight – if you’re young, or young at heart, you’ll want to weigh anchor and lose sight of land. Feeling a little more sophisticated? How about a serious wine tasting session, a spa treatment or a Broadway show and live entertainment like Blue Man Group? That’s Freestyle Cruising.

Freestyle Cruise with NCL

Toddlers, tweens and teens can delight in their very own Freestyle Cruising adventure. From dodgeball to cupcake decorating, Circus school to themed parties, there’s a reason Norwegian was voted the Best Family Experience by Travel Weekly.

If you couldn’t be asked to leave your cabin, although it’s highly unlikely you’ll want to sloth up a storm on one of these floating resorts, there are a range of staterooms and suites to suit every budget and need. Even solo travellers are accommodated in onboard studios. And, for families, there are connecting staterooms and villas.

Freestyle Cruise with NCL

So, whether you dress up, dress down; slip, slide, spa or sloth – cruising onboard Norwegian is a cruise that delivers the freedom to go with the flow. Feel free with Norwegian Cruise Lines.

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