Ireland: we came, we saw, we conquered

11 January 2024
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Mention trips to Ireland and most people conjure up images of shamrocks, Celtic ruins, or fiddle-and-song pubs with free-flowing Guinness and traditional Irish music tempting you in for yet another pint and a jig. They’re not wrong. Especially if you’re travelling with Haggis and Bong on a Hangover Ireland Tour like Pentravel Expert, Cleo Geldenhuys.  

Here’s her play-by-play Irish holiday:

Day 1: Dropped our bags and off we went!

Our trip started off with an early morning arrival in Dublin. Map in hand, we walked the streets of Dublin marvelling at the architecture, pubs, churches and the shopping on offer. After building quite the appetite, we found a small Irish pub called Old Mill where we indulged in a Pub Grub and Pint.

Ireland, We Came We Saw We Conquered - Pentravel

Day 2: The start of our tour to the South.

What an awesome group we had. Our tour guide was informative, and our bus driver had a great sense of humour. Together they made us feel like we were on an exclusive private tour, answering all our questions with the best facts and insights 

We made our way to Ennis, but along the way drove through the green countryside stopping off at Cashel Castle for a photo opportunity and to absorb the history and beauty. 

On to Blarney Castle! Our tour guide told us tales of the Castle as we got to take in the gardens up some steep stairs to kiss the Blarney Stone. This is quite a Pilates pose, but well worth the view! 

We stopped in Killarney for the night, where we opted for a Little Corridor Party in our hostel. We got snacks and drinks from the local supermarket and shared a meal, some laughs and a couple of drinks before taking on the nightlife ourselves. This was one of my highlights! The local pubs have live bands on stage while just a door away there’s a nightclub. Talk about the best of both worlds! 

Ireland, We Came We Saw We Conquered - Pentravel

Day 3: Killarney to Ennis.

We spent another beautiful day in the countryside, where we stopped over at a small farm and got to cuddle some baby sheep. We visited the small fishing town of Dingle for some authentic fresh fish and chips for lunch, followed by a short stop in Limerick before checking into our accommodation in Ennis. A peaceful town with narrow streets, Ennis was rather opposite to our previous night! Our hostel, Rowan Tree, was situated next to a little river flowing through the town. Just picturesque! 

Day 4: Ennis to Dublin.

After a quick morning coffee, we headed to the Cliffs of Moher. WOW. This is one for the books and a mustsee when in Ireland! We were so lucky to have had good weather so that we could admire the Cliffs in their full glory. The views, the photos (and a little runway model style wind) were awesome. 

With our photoshoot out of the way, we started to make our way back to Dublin, stopping in Galway for lunch and some shopping. This was a great spot and not as busy as Dublin, but just as authentic and Irish. 

Cleo’s Top Tips for Travelling in Ireland

  • For budget travellers, visit the local supermarket for lunches and hot breakfasts as a Pub Lunch can get a bit expensive 
  • Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere, in shops, pubs, and even petrol stations 
  • Two nights in Dublin is enough time to see what you need to 
  • Pack a good pair of walking shoes 
  • You can catch trainquite easily and use Dublin as your hubthis is cost-effective way to travel and great for day trips 

Ireland, We Came We Saw We Conquered - Pentravel

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