Is a Guided Holiday for You?

18 January 2024
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Want to know if a guided holiday is for you? If you want effortless logistics, comfortable travel, and front-row access to popular destination attractions, it’s an easy yes.  

The thing is, a guided holiday is not everyone’s cup of tea. Either you’re okay with the perks of going guided, or you view those perks as hindrances. Before you make up your mind though, consider the following and then decide if a guided holiday is for you: 

A guided tour follows a pre-organised itinerary

Imagine it’s your first time travelling to Europe. With so many countries, cities, museums, monuments, markets, galleries, restaurants and more to explore, where do you begin? A guided holiday essentially takes you on a tour of the best destinations and attractions, removing the stress of having to figure out the journey route, where to start, where to end and everything in between. These itineraries are carefully designed, and often include booked meals at restaurants.  

Sit back and relax

On a guided holiday, everything is taken care of on your behalf. You don’t have to think about taxis, trains, buses, car hire, parking or entry fees. Plus, most modern coaches on guided tours feature power points to charge your devices, free Wi-Fi and seriously comfortable seating. By selecting a Trafalgar Tours Europe package or Insight Vacations tour package you’re guaranteed a hands-off holiday – all that’s left for you to do is kick back and relax, knowing that the next exciting tourist attraction is just around the corner.  

You’ll be in the centre of the action

Planning a trip to multiple destinations can be somewhat complicated, and it can get quite pricey if you are booking everything individually. Going guided, with a full itinerary mapped out for you means you’ll not only have experiences planned for you, but your hotels arranged too – and these conveniently located close to the action, be it major attractions or nightlife. 

Access to the best insider knowledge

Want to know more about the local history than what is printed in the brochure? Keen on hearing the untold story behind a monument or statue? How about some colourful local legends or gossip? One of the biggest perks of a guided holiday is getting the inside track. Your travel director is a wealth of information, and passionate about the destinations you’re visiting.  

Access to the best experiences

Besides effortless logistics, a guided holiday gives you access to the local way of life and authentic experiences. This can include home hosted dinners, ethnic cultural shows and entertainment, or even community upliftment projects and initiatives.  

Meet likeminded people and make friends

If a journey is best measured in friends rather than miles (or so says the quote by Tim Cahill), then going guided is the best way to achieve this. A guided tour of likeminded travellers, from all corners of the globe, all journeying to the same places and sharing the same experiences enriches your travels. Plus, it’s more fun this way.   

You can do it your way

Contrary to popular belief, a guided tour is more flexible than you think. You can always take the optional route and decide not to venture out on an activity on any given day 

Today’s tour companies offer even greater flexibility with more relaxed departure times, optional activities and plenty of time to explore new places on your own. Tour operators like Busabout give travellers the opportunity of combining the social atmosphere of a local tour with the flexibility of independent travel. Their Hop-on Hop-off tours allow you to create your perfect itinerary using a private door-to-door coach network to pre-plan your trip or wing it as you go.  

Still not sure?  

A guided holiday is for you if:

  • You want a one-click hands-off holiday. 
  • You want to combine multiple destinations with little fuss. 
  • You like to know where you’re going. 
  • You want to skip the queues to the main attractions.   
  • You prefer to travel in comfort. 

If you’d like to learn more about your travel choices, speak to the experts, who can advise you on a guided holiday with Trafalgar Touring, CostSaver, Insight Vacations, Uniworld, and more. Our agents are experienced in both independent travel and guided tours and will match you to your dream holiday.

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