It’s Me-Time: what to expect at a Bali spa

05 December 2023
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With its lush green mountains and spectacular beaches, Bali is the perfect setting in which to zone out and enjoy a blissful spa treatment. In fact, Bali is as famous for its tradition of holistic healing as it is for Eat Pray Love. To come to Bali and not have a traditional massage borders on insult – there’s a reason why Balinese massage has made its way into spas all over the world. That reason is bliss.  

Pure, unadulterated, bliss 

Other than bliss (did we mention bliss?), here’s what you can expect at a Bali Spa: 

Feet first

Balinese massage traditionally starts with the feet and works up from there. As you lie face down, your therapist will use reflexology to stimulate pressure points on your feet before beginning with the deep tissue work on your lower legs, the backs of your thighs and along your spine to boost blood circulation and remove knots in your shoulders.  

When you turn over, it’s top to bottom again, including work on your stomach, which is believed to benefit digestive and reproductive health. A true head-to-toe treatment (or toe-to-head), a Balinese massage ends with a scalp and forehead massage.  

Bali botanicals

Typically, tropical aromas are integral to experiencing the complete sensations of a Bali massage. The island’s rich flora – including coconut, frangipani, lemongrass and jasmine – has been used for centuries by traditional healers and remains an important element of Bali’s wellness tradition.  

The royal treatment

The Lulur scrub (also known as Mandi Lulur), is a regal full-body ritual that originated in 17th Century Java. Royal brides, wanting to perfect their skin before their wedding, used a scrub made from natural, aromatic ingredients to buff their skins every day for 40 days. The result? Soft, supple and glowing skin. Today, a Lulur scrub is a fantastic addition to a traditional massage in Bali.  

Flower bath

Always wanted to lay back in a bathtub filled with flowers? You’ve come to the right place. Known as the “island of the gods” and if there’s one treatment that’ll leave you feeling like a goddess, it’s a flower bath in Bali. Almost every spa offers this experience. It is not only relaxing, it’s a great opportunity to add some envy-inspiring selfies to your Instagram.  

Bali spas fast facts:

  • Manicures, pedicures, cream-baths, and head and shoulder massages last around 45 minutes to an hour.  
  • Full body massages are the most popular treatments and can take up to 90 minutes including an optional scrub or mask.  
  • There are many types of oils and scrubs you can choose from each with a positive effect on your health and beauty.  
  • All spa treatments end with a warm cup of ginger tea.  

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