Making Travel Matter – the Ripple Effect

14 December 2023
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When you travel with G Adventures, you’re making the world a better place, one adventure at a time. 

At Pentravel, we support The Treadright Foundation, which means that we’re committed to promoting sustainable tourism which makes travel matter for the planet, its people and its wildlife. This is why we’re so amped about G Adventures’ Ripple Score. Not only are these guys actively doing their part to make the world a better place, but they’re also measuring their impact so that you can see how your travel choices are benefitting the communities you visit.  

Amazing, right? Here’s how they do travel differently – and why it’s so important.  

Making Travel Matter – the Ripple Effect

Vietnam with G Adventures

Changing lives with travel

Since the very beginning, G Adventures has been a travel company that cares. They’ve always believed that travel is an exchange – that it must operate in support of social and environmental welfare and that you need to give back much more than what you take away.  

Making Travel Matter – the Ripple Effect

Bali, Indonesia with G Adventures

Keeping it local

To build their tours, they only work with local businesses and services. Not only does this help to keep the cost of your trip down, but it strengthens communities, raises the overall quality of life and ensures the places you visit will remain vibrant for generations to come.  

Making Travel Matter – the Ripple Effect

Taj Mahal, India with G Adventures

Creating ripples in the travel industry

In 2016, G Adventures completed a survey to study the real-world impact their tours have on the communities they visit. Their findings revealed a positive ripple effect created by small-group adventure tours.  

They took these results even further, and to be as transparent as possible about how often they choose local businesses or services to bring each adventure to life, they assess each tour with what’s called a Ripple Score — a tour evaluation that lets you see the money spent locally by G Adventures on all the services it takes to run your tour — like accommodations, restaurants and transportation. 

Making Travel Matter – the Ripple Effect

Cambodia with G Adventures

Here’s how they score their impact:

  1. They define what is local. To qualify as a local business or service, 50% or more must be owned by a legal resident or national citizen of the country where it operates. 
  1. Next, they evaluate every business and service they work with to gain further insights into their operations. 
  1. Lastly, they use all the information they’ve gathered to calculate what they spend in each destination to operate that tour and what percentage of that local cost goes to a local business or service. The more local operation costs that stay locally, the better the ripple effect in those communities and the greater the Ripple Score. 

And, because they’re doing it right, they reevaluate each tour’s Ripple Score annually, so you always know how much you’re doing for the communities you’re visiting. 

If you’re keen on travelling with G Adventures, browse our hand-picked selection of G Adventures tours. And if you want to know more about making travel matter, check out

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