Maximise Fun, Minimise Costs: Smart Tips For Affordable Family Holidays

14 February 2024
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Planning a wallet-friendly family escape? We’ve got the inside scoop on how to organise a holiday that everyone will love without burning a hole in your pocket.

Whether it’s picking the perfect place to stay, figuring out fun activities, or plotting the journey, we’ve got you covered for a budget-friendly and unforgettable getaway. 

Consider All Options 

When it comes to planning an affordable family holiday, there’s no need to compromise. With a bit of creativity, your family can enjoy the holiday you’ve dreamed of. Think cheap beach holidays such as the Protea Hotel by Marriott Durban Umhlanga package that gives you the chance to experience everything from beautiful beaches to vibrant culture.  

Train trips like the Kruger Shalati, offers a unique perspective of the country’s beauty and history. While it may take longer than flying, train travel provides you with comfort, entertainment, and unparalleled scenery. 

Beach Holidays Offer Plenty of Activities 

If you know where to look, sun, sand and surf is easily accessible. Explore lesser-known coastal areas and opt for budget-friendly accommodation. Pack your itinerary with free or low-cost activities such as beachcombing, hiking, or sampling local street food. By prioritising experiences over extravagance, you can enjoy a memorable beach holiday without breaking the bank. 

Add Interesting, Unique Experiences To Your Itinerary 

One way to make your holiday more exciting is by opting for unique experiences. Mix it up by dining at local restaurants, find off-the-beaten-track sights and activities, or stay in an unusual location such as a treehouse, cabin or tent – let the thrill of the unknown guide you. 

Choose Budget-friendly Ways To Travel  

Take the scenic route by driving your car, this also allows for flexibility when you’re keen to visit multiple destinations. Or consider budget-friendly airlines for domestic flights – if your destination is close, you’ll be there before you know it. Alternatively, let the comfort and affordability of train travel pave the way to your destination.Once you’re at your destination, bicycles are a fun way to see the sights, and so are walking tours.   

More Quick Tips To Travel on a Budget 

Travelling on a budget requires careful planning and resourcefulness, and where possible, try to prioritise experiences. Here are a few more ways to maximise your savings:  

  • Travel during off-peak season when destinations are less crowded and accommodation is cheaper.  
  • Subscribe to our newsletter for access to the latest offers and travel deals. You’ll find packages that include cost-effective accommodation and flights for every budget.  
  • Try local street food for an authentic holiday experience.  

Let Us Help You Get The Best Value For Money 

Browse our wide range of deals – from beach holidays to train trips and city wonders – your dream holiday is just a few clicks away – at a price that’s right for you. So, what are you waiting for, get those bags ready for a holiday you’ll never forget! 

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