Nows the Time: 10 Tips to Stretch Your Budget on a Family Trip to Seychelles

17 May 2024
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Thinking of whisking your family away to a tropical paradise? Well, pack those bags because Seychelles is calling! This archipelago isn’t just a backdrop for postcards; it’s a playground brimming with adventure and relaxation, perfect for families looking to stretch their holiday budget. Here’s how you can make the most of your visit without emptying your wallet. 

  1. Book Early: Nabbing flights and accommodation early is like finding a treasure map to savings. With some digging and flexibility, you can unearth fantastic deals that leave more in your pocket for fun and frolics on the island. Think: Pentravel newsletters for early bird specials and discounts!  
  1. Travel Off-Peak: Dodge the crowds and the high prices by visiting from May to September i.e., now! The beaches are still sun-kissed, and the waters just as inviting, but with fewer tourists, you get more paradise to yourselves – and at a discount too! 
  1. Go Self-Catering: Embrace the freedom of a holiday villa or apartment. Not only can you save a bundle by cooking your own meals – imagine fresh seafood dinners on the veranda! — but these options also offer more space for the kids to sprawl out. 
  1. Enjoy Freebies: The best things in Seychelles are free. Beachcombing, hiking through lush trails, and swimming in the crystal-clear ocean can fill your days without spending a cent. Places like Beau Vallon Beach on Mahe are gems, with free public amenities like showers and picnic areas. 
  1. Pack Smart: Avoid airline baggage fees by packing light – think swimwear, flip-flops, and a few outfits for dining out. Don’t forget essentials like reef-safe sunscreen and snorkelling gear for exploring the vibrant underwater life. 
  1. Ride Like a Local: Buses and ferries in Seychelles are an affordable way to explore. Not only do they save you money, but they also add an authentic slice of local life to your adventure. 
  1. Consider All-Inclusive: To really keep a lid on expenses, why not go all-inclusive? Pentravel offers packages that cover your meals, drinks, and activities, so you can enjoy everything without worrying about a growing tab. It’s worry-free and wallet-friendly! 
  1. Shop and Eat Local: Skip the tourist traps. Local markets and eateries offer a taste of the true Seychelles without the inflated prices. You’ll save money and have a more authentic experience – win-win! 
  1. Look for Multi-Activity Discounts: If you’re planning multiple excursions or activities, look for providers who offer discounts for booking more than one activity with them. Whether it’s a boat tour, snorkelling, or guided hikes, bundling activities can lead to some savings, and you’ll get more out of your trip. 
  1. Tap into Local Insights: Chat with residents for insider tips on the best and most affordable spots to visit, dine, and explore. Locals can point you to hidden gems and authentic experiences off the beaten path, helping you save money and avoid the crowds. 

BONUS TIP: Be Eco-Conscious. Seychelles is a natural wonder that needs our protection. Stick to the paths, don’t disturb the wildlife, and always trash your trash. It’s all about leaving a light footprint. 

Seychelles is more than just a scenic getaway; it’s a place where family memories are made. With enticing beaches and countless opportunities for adventure, it offers an unbeatable backdrop for fun that doesn’t need to cost a fortune. 

Teaming up with Pentravel means you can relax and enjoy a seamless holiday, with every detail, including your flights, tailored to your needs. We take the stress out of planning, so all you need to do is have the time of your life. Ready to answer the call of Seychelles? Chat with us today – and let’s see how we can help you arrange a family adventure that won’t stretch your budget (too much)!  

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