Say “Oui” to Paris

05 December 2023
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Sacré bleu! Paris is sensationnelFrom marvelling at the Eiffel Tower to picnicking on croissants and cheese; from lusting over high street fashion to walking hand-in-hand down a cobbled lane, Paris is a classic. If you’re dreaming of travelling to Europe and want to spend some time in ParisPentravel expert, Cheyenne-Lexi Cohen says la Ville Lumière (the City of Lights) is always a good idea.  

Here’s her experience: 

Q: What was your first impression of Paris?

I was immediately overwhelmed. I took the train from the Netherlands and arrived at Charles De Gaulle station on an overcast day and had to quickly learn how to navigate and get around the city using the colour-coded tram line. I realised shortly after my arrival how inviting the city is. Parisians are proud and passionate and love telling stories – and I’ve yet to see more stylish and well-dressed people than the citizens of Paris!  

Paris Oui! - Pentravel

Q: Where did you stay in Paris?

I stayed in the Latin Quarter of Paris. It’s a small area near to Notre Dame and is a melting pot of cultures with quaint stores and fantastic restaurants, such as a bookstore called Shakespeare & Co which hosts public readings and a tiny restaurant which serves enormous skewers!  

Paris Oui! - Pentravel

Q: Tell us about the food.

FOOD! Everything was spectacular. The crepes in the food stalls are delightful. House wine in Paris is also wonderful. Personally, I spent some happy moments gorging myself on macarons in one of the most famous patisseries in Rue San Michelle.   

Q: What are your top 3 things to do in Paris?

My favourite sites in Paris were definitely the Louvre, The Palace of Versailles and the Jardin des Tuileries (Napoleons Gardens). 

Paris Oui! - Pentravel

Q: What are your top travel tips?

  • Always greet in French! The moment Parisian see you making an effort to speak their language they’ll be more open to you. A simple “Bon jour” or  “Parlez vous Anglais?” go a long way.  
  • Eat everything as it is; try cuisine the French way before you fall back on your preferences. You may end up enjoying it more. 
  • Take a night tour! I found many of the sites even more remarkable at night. 

Paris Oui! - Pentravel

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