Self-catering holiday health and safety checklist

18 May 2022
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Do you hear that? It’s your boarding call. Travel is literally calling your name. 

So, you’ve started browsing self-catering accommodation in search of your next getaway destination, but you’re worried about health and safety? You’re not alone. There are many South Africans feeling unsure about how to choose the safest holiday accommodation during the time of corona – or to stay safe while they’re there. We’re here to help you navigate the new rules of hygiene and book your holiday with confidence 

Self-catering holiday health and safety checklist

Here are 4 thingto look for when booking your selfcatering accommodation: 

Are there safety protocols in place and are these being communicated?

You should only stay at places that prioritise your health and safety. Most accredited accommodation facilities will let you know what measures they are taking to keep you safe, but if you are struggling to find this information, that’s a red flag. To make the process of choosing safe holiday accommodation easier for you, we’ve vetted all the self-catering properties that we promote, so go ahead and save yourself some time by choosing one of our packages.  

Self-catering holiday health and safety checklist

Is there a covid-19 safety officer?

This is the person who is on-site to ensure that all safety rules are being adhered to. For smaller properties, the owner / manager will typically fill this role, but in larger establishments, it is critical that there is a dedicated officer in charge of health and safety. 

How do you check-in safely?

Not all self-catering establishments are geared up for an entirely contact-free experience, but there are ways to minimize your contact with hotel employees and other guests. It starts with check-in. Try to end us much screening and identity information through beforehand to limit the necessity of filling in the required forms on-site. Try to avoid using cash, and always follow personal hygiene safety (washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and wearing a face mask). 

Self-catering holiday health and safety checklist

Keeping it clean

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly created a necessity for increased cleaning and sanitisation procedures. Be sure to ask about the stay-over and check-out cleaning procedures your chosen accommodation has in place. This must include high-touch surfaces and linen. Always travel with your own hand sanitiser to ensure an extra layer of sanitisation. 

Ready to book? Check out our tips for booking flexible holidays and brush up on all travel related health and safety tips. And get in touch so that we can assist you. Bon voyage! 

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