That’s Amore! Fall in Love with Italy

05 December 2023
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As one of the top romantic destinations in the world, Italy will sweep you off your feet. Lovers of love flock to this fabled country from all over the globe to experience its fascinating old-world charm, spellbinding scenery, made-with-love cuisine and carefree la dolce vita attitude.   

Whether your idea of romance is wine tasting in Tuscany or taking a gondola ride in Venice, a holiday in Italy delivers. So, if you’re in the mood for love, here are our top romantic destinations in Italy for some ooh-la-lurve 


With its winding canals, gondolas, and narrow streets, Venice can transform anyone into a hopeless romantic – especially if you indulge in one of the city’s most sentimental activities: floating along with your significant other in a gondola while being serenaded. Sure, it’s clichéd, but it’s a must-do. Now that’s amore.   


It’s the setting of the world’s greatest love story and home to Juliet’s legendary balcony, which makes fair Verona, where we lay our scene, a magnet for the romantically inclined. With its quaint courtyards and picturesque basilicas, the city feels as though it’s straight out of a fairytale… one which promises a happily ever after.     

Lake Como

Ringed with villas and resort villages and surrounded by majestic mountains, glittering Lake Como has long been one of the most romantic destinations in Italy. Made even more famous by the wedding of George Clooney (*swoon*) to Amal-the-luckiest-woman-in-the-world, Lake Como is all about cobbled lanes, elegant architecture, and terraced gardens – perfect spots for a candlelit dinner for two.   


Positano is positively loved-up. Built on the face of a cliff, the vertical city offers stunning views of the sea. However, its most famous romantic feature is the Lover’s Walk; stroll from Spiaggia Grande beach to the coves at Fornillo for a lazy sunset swim in the Mediterranean or head out before dawn to catch the legendary sunrise.  


Do yourself a favour and type “Portofino” into Google images, now. It’s not hard to see why the pastel-coloured seaside village on the Italian Riviera, with its centuries-old castle, tiny church, waterfront restaurants, and breathtaking sea views has long been a hideaway for sentimental honeymooners.  


Prepare to be enchanted. The magical island of Capri, off the coast of Naples, brims with fragrant flowers, inspirational vistas and secluded coves. Head to the small town of Anacapri for long walks hand-in-hand as you take in the bright orange sunset before indulging in excellent seafood.  


If there’s one city in Italy which evokes romance at every turn, it’s Florence. From centuries-old cathedrals to breathtaking Renaissance art; from side street café serenades to candlelit dinners… Florence will delight all your senses.  


Want to relive the iconic Colosseum scene from Roman Holiday? Unleash your inner Audrey Hepburn (or Gregory Peck) and scoot around Rome on a Vespa. If you really want to be romantic, you can follow in the footsteps of the iconic lovers, from the Palazzo to the Colosseum to the Spanish Steps…  

Want more? There’s wine in Tuscany, pizza in Naples, and skiing in the Alps! Get in touch with us today and let’s find the perfect Italy holiday package for you. 

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