The Adventurer’s Guide to Mauritius

23 November 2023
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Despite what most people think, the island of Mauritius is not just about white-sand beaches, waving palm trees, and trays of cocktails from your all-inclusive resort! While a good amount of R&R is a MUST when visiting the island, a Mauritius holiday offers an incredible number of active adventures, fun and thrills to be had… 

Here are our top adventures for your Mauritius holiday: 


The Adventurer’s Guide to Mauritius - Diving

At the top of our list is scuba diving. The northern point of Mauritius is usually considered the best spot for dive, due to the clear, calm waters and spectacular underwater landscape. Beginners can get their PADI certification at their resort, and even start in the swimming pool to get familiar with the experience before heading into the ocean. Experienced divers will want to return again and again – the incredible reefs, fishlife, and sightings of dolphins and turtles are unforgettable. 

Hiking Tamarin Falls

The Adventurer’s Guide to Mauritius - Hiking

Deep in the heart of Mauritius is the spectacular 7 cascades of Tamarin, the end goal of a particularly beautiful hiking adventure. Situated close to the small village of Henrietta on the central plateau, the Tamarin Falls hiking trails take in multiple jumps (voluntary), deep ponds and lush forest vegetation, and you are rewarded with incredible views of the Le Morne mountain and the west coast.  

Stand Up Paddleboarding

The Adventurer’s Guide to Mauritius - SUP

Whether you’re new to SUP (stand up paddleboarding) or an experienced SUP-per, Mauritius offers some fantastic opportunities to soak up the ocean landscape. We recommend the East Coast of the island as the best spot to SUP, as there are several beautiful lagoons, rivers, mangroves and more to explore.  

Polaris Buggy

The Adventurer’s Guide to Mauritius - Buggy

For the adrenaline lovers! Head off-piste on a guided Polaris buggy excursion; an incredible way to experience the island and its majestic scenery. Explore forests and sugar cane fields while hurtling around at top speeds – adventure junkies will love a bit of thrilling action! 

Visit Chamarel 7-Coloured Earth

The Adventurer’s Guide to Mauritius - Chamarel

One of the most unique destinations on the island of Mauritius is Chamarel, which features an array of coloured soils and sand that is volcanic in its likeness. The undulating landscape of Chamarel naturally contrasts the colours of the soil with each other, truly nature’s art.  

Kite Surfing

The Adventurer’s Guide to Mauritius - Kitesurfing

Want to hit the waves? Head to the sky! Le Morne on Mauritius’s south-western coast offers some of the best kitesurfing in the Indian Ocean. Kitesurfing needs some wind movement, and the regular breezes offshore makes Le Morne the place to be. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy spending time getting up and surfing – or flying – on their kiteboard.  

Sugarcane Field Walk

The Adventurer’s Guide to Mauritius - Sugar Cane Walk

For an adventure that truly epitomizes the Mauritius landscape, then a walk through a sugarcane field is a must! Vast stretches of sugarcane cover a sizable portion of the agricultural region of the island, and this important produce contributes significantly to the economy. Spend some time visiting the Demerara sugar factories, the sugar museum – L’Adventure Du Sucre, and of course – enjoy a walk through the sugarcane! 


The Adventurer’s Guide to Mauritius - Snorkelling

For an activity that is enjoyable for families of all ages, try snorkelling! Don a snorkel, goggles and a pair of fins and explore an underwater paradise. There are over 50 species of corals in Mauritius, and a snorkel excusion is the ideal way to discover them, especially if you’re not fully sold on a scuba dive. We recommend the Blue Bay Marine Park, a truly spectacular natural ocean wilderness teaming with life. 

Mauritius truly offers all this and more. Whether you’re interested in horseriding in Mauritius, quad-biking or hitting a water park, there’s plenty to do for every adventure-loving traveller! Chat to us today to arrange your Mauritius holiday package. 

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