Tips to Finding the Most Affordable Flights

17 January 2024
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Have you ever tried to book a plane ticket only to find the cost of the airfare keeps changing? We understand the frustration. 

Booking affordable flights can be tricky. Which is why we spoke to Pentravel Product Manager Vicky Steinhardt to get the lowdown on airfares. Before you book another flight, take a look at Vicky’s advice below:  

Why do plane ticket prices go up and down?

All airfares are capacity controlled, which basically means that the more seats are available, the cheaper they are. However, on occasion, an airline may not have filled its seats, and so offer a last-minute seat sale closer to departure.  

Unfortunately, agents aren’t always notified ahead of time when airlines release seat sales. Prices can also change from one minute to the next, as all agents use the same airline booking system, so availability varies all the time as certain bookings cancel and others are booked   

How to book the cheapest flights?

It is always more convenient to fly direct, from point A to point B, with no stopover. However, this is typically more expensive. If you want value for money, you will need to be prepared to fly via another country to reach your final destination. 

Ask your agents to check out combo fares for you. If you want to see more than one destination, certain airlines offer very competitive rates to see three or even five destinations on one ticket. We have some fabulous combos like this that we advertise weekly, so remember to check out our weekly airfares newsletter. 

Some airlines offer free stopovers because they want you to fly with them and experience their country’s offerings. For example, fly Turkish airlines and get a free stopover in Istanbul. 

Our agents are very informed on what they can offer you, as they want you to get the most out of your airfare. We also offer airfares that are cheaper than advertised online, as they offer a discount towards accommodation, which adds nice value when booking your holiday as a whole.

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