Travel is the University of the World

05 December 2023
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We all know that a tertiary education is important and that it sets you up for your future career, but have you ever considered expanding your world view even further? Here’s why we recommend travelling after your studies… 

Real-world experiences

According to Kele Scheppers, Marketing Manager for TTC, parent company to Contiki, your travel lessons are a real-world education and will set you up for life in terms of knowledge, ability and confidence. “A well-travelled individual is a well-rounded individual – you’ve experienced different cultures, you can sympathise with how other people live, you’ve been exposed to new languages, and you’ve pushed the boundaries of what you expect from yourself.”  

A wider perspective of the world

They don’t call travel the ‘School of Life’ for no reason. Travelling offers you an entirely different education to what you’ll learn at school or university. It gives you a new perspective of what is ‘out there’ and it ignites a desire to see and do more.  

For example, you can spend ten days exploring six countries in one shot on Contiki’s European Horizons tour – the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France. That’s six new cultures you’re learning about in just a short space of time!  

The only limits you perceive are set by you

Most of your “I could never” moments have been imposed on you, by you. Travel challenges these limits. What would happen if you went to the top despite your fear of heights? Or chatted to that other traveller even though you’re not sure what to say?  

Most of the time your heart rate will quicken, your fingers will start to tingle, and after you take that leap, you’ll fly. “That’s the edge of your comfort zone, and it’s where the magic happens,” Kele adds. 

See and learn from other people around the world

A Contiki trip gives you the opportunity to embrace real experiences and moments that excite you, challenge you and connect you with the world.  

“Too often we exist in a bubble. Same places, same people, similar lives, similar viewpoints. Travel makes us understand other cultures, and it makes us appreciate all those things that make us different,” says Kele.  

You know how the famous Mark Twain saying goes: “Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.”

So, live with no regrets, and do Contiki 

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