Travelling to Mauritius with a Baby

23 November 2023
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Have you recently expanded your family and are trying to plan that first overseas Family Holiday? Travelling with an infant can be quite daunting, especially if it’s your first born.

We have all seen those families at the airport with more luggage than seems humanly possible, and all for 1 little being? The reason for that, is because you want to be prepared for anything when travelling abroad with your little one or ones… 

Happy Baby =  Happy Parents 

We recommend Mauritius as the ideal destination for a baby-friendly family holiday. The resorts are the best when it comes to catering for little ones. It’s all about making the holiday relaxing and enjoyable for everyone including baby! Being only a short 4 hour flight from Joburg,  you don’t need to worry about different time zones and connecting flights. 

Travelling to Mauritius with a Baby

At the airport families are allowed to skip the queues and go straight through to board first, this will allow you to  have the time to get your little ones settled on board before the aircraft gets busier. Even better is that some airlines such as Air Mauritius actually offer an infant hospitality kit which has been specially prepared with baby travel in mind and comes complete with baby wipes, diapers, baby powder, baby lotion, and a sterilised and ready-to-use baby bottle.  

From arriving in Mauritius your little one will be taken care of. You can either travel with your own baby seat or you can request a baby seat with your private transfer between the airport and the resort; one less item to bring along! Try and book a private transfer if possible, then you will avoid the seat in coach transfers that may stop off at other resorts before yours; this can take quite a bit longer and isnt ideal when travelling with babies or toddlers. 

Travelling to Mauritius with a Baby

When deciding on your Mauritius resort, it’s important to look at how family friendly it is. Some resorts such as the Beachcomber properties have dedicated baby care rooms, which come equipped with almost everything you can think of: changing table mats, bottle warmers, bottle sterilizers, bottle brush wash, fridge and even a baby food menu. It’s important to explain to your agent what is important to you and your agent will find the best resort to cater for what your family needs. 

You can also request a camp cot for your room, again one less thing to bring. If your room category only has a shower it is important to request a baby bath when confirming your booking. Knowing that the basics will be taken care of makes Mauritius the ideal destination to travel to with your baby. There are a wide selection of room categories available too; try look for a room with some added space, or even a separate lounge, so you and your partner can also enjoy some down time after your child has gone to bed. 

Travelling to Mauritius with a Baby

Several resorts also offer babysitting facilities at an additional charge, so you can also plan a romantic dinner for two. Resorts such as ClubMed also offer strollers so you can walk the grounds of the beautiful resort you will be staying at. And in true mommy style, if you do forget something, the resort shops do stockbBeach toys, swim wear, caps, swimming diapers, regular diapers, story books and sunscreen.  

It will be the easiest family holiday for everyone and the only thing to worry about will be when to apply more sunscreen! Book your Mauritius family package holiday now. 
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