Understanding Seasons Price Variations

01 December 2023
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All travel is seasonal, and every destination around the world is at its best during a particular time of year. However, each season has its advantages and disadvantages, and whichever you choose may have a significant impact on your trip – not just concerning weather, but how it affects your bottom line too.

This is because travel pricing is directly affected by supply and demand. For example, beach destinations are more popular during the summer, which means higher demand, and therefore higher prices.

Business is business, right?

What is peak season?

Peak season is the most popular time to visit a specific destination. It varies from place to place, but as a rule of thumb, the most expensive time to travel is over Christmas and New Years, and for the most part school holidays.

What is shoulder season?

While peak season is the most attractive time for a holiday, there are also many benefits to travelling in the off-season, which we in the travel industry refer to as “shoulder season.”

The pros and cons of booking off-peak

Peak season is the most expensive time to travel, so pricing is your first pro for travelling off-peak. Another advantage (although this depends on what you expect from your holiday) is that there are fewer people, more privacy, and fewer queues.

A few of the cons include inclement weather – although some destinations, like tropical islands, enjoy milder weather during the off-season. In major tourist destinations, there’s also the chance that some big attractions could be closed for maintenance or other reasons, which is why we recommend checking these details before you go.

How to save money on flights

Did you know that the best time to book flights is generally as far in advance as possible? The fewer bookings (people on the plane), the cheaper the tickets. Keeping in mind that flight pricing tends to be released only about 10 or 11 months before travel, we cannot book it before it’s available. However, there are always a few juicy flight deals available, but these are typically only to be found in the offseason.


At Pentravel, we offer online packages based on what we get from our trusted suppliers – and what’s typically available at specific times of the year. However, we can usually do other dates, so just pop us a question online, give us a phone call, or head into your nearest Pentravel store for assistance. We do the details, you do the holidays.

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