What it’s like to float with Le Boat

14 December 2023
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Ever wanted to go on a boating holiday but you’re not sure where to start? Le Boat makes it simple. They provide you with a boat, which is your home and transport for the duration of your holiday. All you do is pick it up from one of their many bases in your European or Canadian destination, and the rest is up to you. Go where you want; do as you please. The only requirement is that you return it back to the base on time. 

Pentravel Expert, Janine Zietsman recently returned from a Le Boat cruise in France between Tannay and Migeness. This is her experience: 

Le Boat

When you cruise with Le Boat, you have a wide range of boats to choose from, all different in terms of comfort and layout, and dependent on your destination. “Our boat was better and more spacious than I originally anticipated,” said Janine. No surprise, considering the Vision 4 is ranked among Le Boat’s most popular canal boats, and features luxurious and spacious accommodations.  

What it’s like to float with Le Boat

What it’s like to float with Le Boat

We were a group of seven in a 9-sleeper boat. There was plenty of space for us in five cabins, with a fully serviced kitchen with dining table and a large deck. Plus, each cabin had an en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet and wash basin.”  

Le Cruise

Each night of the 7-day trip, Janine’s crew of happy cruisers would “park the boat” in a new town. The team explored TannayClamecyChâtel-CensoirVermenton, Auxerre and Migennes 

We also visited the town of Mailly-le-Château and a bunch of smaller villages along this route,” said Janine, who added that Auxerre was by far her favourite destination. “It looks like a city out of the medieval period. The buildings are so beautiful and there is quite a lot to do in this city.” 

What it’s like to float with Le Boat

What it’s like to float with Le Boat

Le Typical Day on Board

With all the freedom in the world, Janine and friends could schedule their days as they pleased. “We would plan the night before how far we needed to travel the next day,” she said. After breakfast, the day’s cruise would begin. “We’d pass by villages and stop at the ones that looked interesting and take our bicycles and cycle through the village, find a coffee shop or bar, have a drink, and then head back.”  

“We would also stock up on some snacks, baguettes and cheese. In the evenings, once we had docked, we would find a local restaurant to dine for the night.” 

Le Travel Tips

Le boat gives you a map and a very informative handbook on how to steer the boat as well as the different activities and sightseeing available on your route. “The day you arrive you might not want to cruise as you have to locate your base and learn how to use the boat, thus rather plan your itinerary to stay at base for the first night. 

What it’s like to float with Le Boat

The max speed that you can cruise is about 10km an hour and you will typically cruise for an average of 5 to 6 hours a day. “If you’re cruising in the rainy season, be sure to choose a boat with covered steering. Our boat could be steered above deck and below deck, however when we went through narrow waterways and under low bridges, we had to steer from above deck as only the top steering had a joystick device required to for this type of steering. This was great when the sun was out and the weather was good, but when it rained one person had to stay above deck to steer under the bridges. 

Janine says Le Boat works much like car hire. “You are required to put down a security and fuel deposit and will have to pay for any additional fuel used. In some cases, you will be required to re-fill your boat with water for the toilets, etc., and clean your boat before you return. 

Take note of the dents in your boat before you depart your port as the boats are checked at the drop off zone and you may be charged for damages,” she adds.  

Le Low Down

“Cruising with Le Boat is a very relaxing holiday and a great way to explore areas that are not as accessible by road and more off the beaten track,” said Janine. 

Does Le Boat float your boat? Get in touch with us today and let’s plan your boating holiday! 

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