What to Expect on a Guided Holiday

01 December 2023
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If you think guided holidays are all about long days on an overcrowded bus, early morning starts and not enough free time, you’re wrong. A guided holiday is like having a backstage pass to a destination. You get access to the best restaurants, shopping spots and photogenic lookout points – not to mention skipping the queues at the major attractions. Everything from your accommodation to your baggage is taken care of, leaving you free to focus on enjoying the experience and making memories to last a lifetime.

Here’s what you can expect on a guided holiday (and why we love going guided!):

Travel in comfort

Expect to be transported in a modern, luxury coach with 21st-century comforts such as free WiFi and reclining seats. You can put your feet up, upload your photos to Instagram, or catch a few zzz’s. It’s so much better than the frustrations of hiring a car and having to drive on the wrong side of the road, navigate unfamiliar cities, sit in traffic, or find parking. Similarly, using public transport comes with its own set of challenges.

Take your time

Naysayers will tell you that a guided holiday is like being herded from one place to the next. Sure, wherever you go, your meals are more than likely pre-arranged. Your accommodation certainly is. But just because the details are handled does not mean that a guided tour is over-regimented. These days, tour companies offer even greater flexibility with more relaxed departure times, optional activities and plenty of time to explore new places on your own.

Tune in for local insights

A guided holiday, by definition, requires guides. Their job is not only to get you to the front of the queues but to bring a place to life through expert, local insights. They’ll also give you access to the hidden gems – places you’d likely never experience going it solo.

Make friends

Not everybody is up for the challenge of travelling alone, but it may be hard to align the schedules and budgets of your group of friends to have an adventure together. A guided holiday comes with built-in travel companions, and because tours have a specific target audience, the chances are that those participating in a trip are similar to you in age, social background, education and interests.  

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