What’s your adventure style?

14 December 2023
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Not all adventures – and adventurers – are created equal.  

Perhaps you’re someone who enjoys adrenaline-fueled activities. Rock climbing, bungee jumping and white-water rafting are the kinds of adventures that float your boat. Maybe you prefer hiking and camping along rugged shores and in fairytale forests. Or, it’s a gentler adventure that piques your wanderlust: nostalgic rail journeys or classic Big 5 safaris for those who prefer a slower pace, but no less adventurous experience. 

For almost 30 years, G Adventures has been offering small group adventures across the world, in all seven continents, i.e.: even Antarctica. But while all G Adventures tours share a common love of adventure, life-altering experiences come in a variety of styles. This is why G Adventures has launched their Travel Style collections, in which they’ve curated tours around common themes. 

The launch of G Adventures Travel Styles coincides with the tour operator’s list of the 10 hottest spots to travel to in 2019, which sees destinations on the rebound and places where events and political changes have made them more exciting or accessible to visit. On the list: Japan, Uzbekistan, Senegal, Taiwan (recently proclaimed by the New York Times as Asia’s most food-obsessed country), Northern Sri Lanka (previously cut off from tourism for decades due to civil war), Jordan, Iceland, Ethiopia, Italy and Patagonia.  

So, what’s your adventure style, and where will it take you?  

Active adventures

Why just see the world when you could bike, hike, kayak, and multi-sport it?  If you’re looking to stretch beyond your comfort zone and achieve personal goalsG Adventures Active tours keep travellers who like to move on the move. 

Picture hiking among palm trees in Colombia’s Chingaza National Park, or whitewater rafting in the Suarez Canyon. Or, in Tanzania, cycling through Lake Manyara National Park. Take on Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest point, or take a hike in the Kathmandu Valley for a different perspective on the valleys and peaks of Nepal, beyond Everest Base Camp. 

An Active trip with G Adventures offers the chance to both push yourself and reward yourself, while feeling a true sense of accomplishment. All the equipment is provided. You only need bring the motivation.  

Wellness travel

Discover awe-inspiring destinations combined with activities like yogameditation, and healthy food experiences to recharge the body and nourish the mind. G Adventures Wellness tours are designed to help you slow down, find your balance and reconnect with the world, as well as with yourself 

Centred around three pillars – mindfulness, movement and nourishment – and heading to destinations including Nepal, Costa Rica, Iceland, Patagonia, Tuscany and Peru, the Wellness range of trips balance must-see highlights with a slower pace of travel. Besides regular yoga sessions and intention-setting, you get the opportunity to participate in local rituals such as a purification bath in Bali, a prayer ceremony with monks in Nepal and an ashram stay in India. 

An adventure for every type of traveller

Assuming you’re not Himalayas-active or so into yoga that you’re checking into an ashram, there are still loads of adventure styles to choose from.   

  • Classic Tours offer an unbeatable mix of unique experiences, insider access, cultural contact, and all the must-sees and must-dos of your destination.   
  • National Geographic Journeys offer greater hands-on exploration and insider access, all with upgraded accommodations and more inclusions than other G Adventures tours. Plus, there’s a whole line-up of National Geographic Journeys created especially for families. 
  • Local Living Tours give you a chance to get under the skin of some of the most gorgeous and out-there places. 
  • Rail Tours bring you closer to amazing places via iconic and scenic rail routes. 
  • Private Travel allows you to create your own private adventure for a unique travel experience that’s tailored to exactly what you like and how you want to see the world. 

Adventure is out there, no matter how you choose to experience it. With G Adventures, you’re guaranteed meaningful travel experiences with people, cultures, landscapes and wildlife – all of which support local communities. Want in? We’ll make it happen. Get in touch today.

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