Your Essential European Cruise Planning Guide

14 February 2024
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Dreaming of cruising the picturesque waters of Europe? Whether it’s the captivating Rhine or the romantic Danube, there’s no time like the present to start planning your 2024 cruise adventure.

Let the beauty, culture and wonder inspire you to take the first step towards the perfect voyage to Europe!  

The Best Time to Cruise to Europe Is Almost Here 

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to planning your European cruise adventure. The cruising season typically spans from April to October when the weather is mild, and the scenic beauty of Europe is at its peak. If you’re eyeing the iconic Rhine River cruise, aim for late spring to early autumn. For the romantic Danube River cruise, late spring to early summer is ideal. 

How Far in Advance Should You Book a European Cruise? 

The early bird catches the worm, or in this case, the best cruise deals! For a spot on the deck of the most sought-after European cruises in 2024, it’s wise to book at least six months in advance. This not only guarantees availability but also often comes with tempting early-bird discounts. When you subscribe to our Pentravel newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about exciting deals and discounts on all of our holiday packages – cruises, weekend escapes, trending destinations, and more. For now, we have a range of cruise deals here if you’re looking for an amazing European cruise.  

Wondering What Makes a Cruise Unique?  

Everything! Cruise holidays stand out with their floating resort experience, providing travellers with facilities like pools, spas, and theatres whether you’re on a river or ocean cruise. The allure lies in effortless exploration, waking up to new destinations without the hassle of navigating airports or lengthy train journeys.  

Cruise itineraries, tailored to diverse preferences, promise a range of activities at each port of call, from adventurous pursuits to cultural immersion. Families are well-catered with dedicated programmes for kids and teens, ensuring a worry-free experience for parents on both ocean and river cruises. For the foodies, there are plenty of gourmet options, themed restaurants, and the convenience of room service. 

Whether you’re sailing through iconic waterways or vast open seas, the best part is, that you only need to unpack once on a cruise holiday, adding to the overall ease and enjoyment of your journey. 

Choose Between a River and Ocean Cruise 

A river cruise is often a more intimate journey with smaller vessels designed for cultural immersion. These ships prioritise connection, offering open-air lounges, spacious decks, fine dining, and guided shore excursions for a truly intimate and enriching experience.  

With an ocean cruise, you’ll set sail on larger vessels that are designed to remind you of floating resorts. These ships feature extensive amenities like Broadway-style shows, diverse dining options, fitness centres, pools, and more – providing a resort-like atmosphere for a grander and more varied experience.  

What’s The Secret to Choosing the Best Cruise Deal?  

That depends on what you love most. Are you more likely to enjoy an intimate river cruise or the grandeur of an ocean cruise? Are you interested in historical wonders, cultural richness, or scenic landscapes? Which European cities and sights are top of your list? Are you travelling solo or cruising with your family? Is there a budget or is this a “treat-yourself-trip?” All the options can be very overwhelming, but luckily for you, as South Africa’s most loved travel partner, we can help narrow down the choices and help find a package that’s perfect for you. And who knows, you might just want to try them all!   

Book your European Cruise  

What could be more relaxing and more entertaining than cruising through the waters of Europe? And with discounts on ocean and river cruises – and the wide variety of Europe cruise package deals we have on offer, it’s the perfect time to book your cruise adventure. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help plan the journey of a lifetime!  

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