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Much like its famous tapas, Spain itself is an alluring buffet of culture-rich cities, colourful marketplaces, old-world villages, fantastical architecture and Mediterranean beaches. Book a holiday to Spain if you’re a solo nomad in search of a cultural fix, want a far-flung family holiday adventure, or if you’re looking for a vibrant romantic getaway. When exploring Spain, consider venturing to its neighboring countries for an extended European adventure. Just across the border lies Portugal with its golden beaches and delectable pastries. France beckons with its iconic landmarks and is only a short flight or train ride away. Spain, with its captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, beckons you to explore its sun-kissed landscapes and vibrant cities.

Travel to Spain

A holiday in Spain can involve off-the-beaten-track adventures into the mountainous terrain of the Basque Country in the north. Or, lazy siestas spent on the uncrowded beaches of the southwest coast. Either way, Spain's landscapes will satisfy your wanderlust in the same way a cold jug of sangria will quench your thirst: you’ll discover that life here is wonderfully diverse and best lived to the fullest.  

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Top Spanish Activities & Attractions

  • Running of the Bulls: This age-old tradition is for adrenalin junkies only. The Pamplona Bull Run occurs every July. 
  • Sagrada Familia in Barcelona: Marvel at Gaudi’s iconic masterpiece in progress. This unfinished Roman Catholic cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  • Majorca & Spanish Islands: Every Spanish island has its own unique charm. Laze your days away at the beach resorts or explore the island. The nightlife is also a big attraction. 
  • Seville: A cultural hub, Seville is home to countless historic landmarks. Famous for its flamenco dancing, it is the largest city in Southern Spain. 
  • Las Ramblas, Barcelona: A shopper’s paradise and a window into Catalan culture. Enjoy live performances, human statue art, food markets and so much more on this 1.2km stretch. 
  • Madrid: Urban and historic, Madrid is a must-add-on to your Spain holiday. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to cuisine, nightlife and history. 
  • Grab a local map from a tourist information counter and do some self-guided exploring.
  • To get the most bang for your buck in Barcelona, catch a ride on the official hop-on hop-off tourist bus and discover the city’s main attractions.
  • Pack a variety of clothing in preparation for cool mornings and warm afternoons 
  • Spain is known for its sneaky pickpockets, so keep an eye on your precious belongings.
  • Spaniards love it when visitors make an effort to learn a bit of Spanish, so get a head start and learn the basics before you leave home.
  • Spanish food is diverse, so take advantage of the wonderful variety and make sure to eat at a different restaurant for every meal.
  • The best time to book a holiday to Spain is in May or June, when the weather is warm but not sweltering and the prices haven’t yet been hiked up for the high season.
  • Pre-book popular activities if you’re on a holiday to Spain during peak periods, but wing it during the quieter months.
  • Tapas and pintxos are a way of life in Spain; instead of sitting down for one dish, locals will typically order a variety of bite-size snacks for a chance to sample all the tasty treats on offer.
  • Many bars and restaurants will provide free tapas with your drinks order.

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