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Middle East travel

Visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi on holiday to discover the exotic Middle East. Steeped in gilded tales of romance, desert adventures and architectural brilliance, the magical Middle East is a world in itself. This is where honeymooners dine on fragrant cuisines, families surf the skies in hot air balloons, adventurers fly on Ferrari’s Alonso and Massa rollercoaster and shoppers get lost in a shining metropolis of luxury malls. 

Travel to the Middle East

Middle East holiday packages take you from the city to the desert to experience 4×4 thrills, camel rides and bedouin experiences on the rolling sea of golden dunes.  

Dubai holiday packages are a luxurious and exciting option for everyone. Your kids will love skiing the indoor snow slopes or hunting for trinkets at the souks (markets). Browse our Middle East travel packages.

  • Burj Khalifa: Marvel at human innovation from the world’s tallest building.  
  • Desert Safari: Explore the desert and sleep under the stars. 
  • Shopping: Discover why Dubai is the shopping capital of the world.  
  • Hot air ballooning over Dubai: Take a magic carpet ride over Dubai in a hot air balloon.  
  • Deep sea fishing experience: Experience open seas and the fun of fishing in the big blue.  
  • Ferrari World: Get your heart racing at the thrilling Ferrari World amusement park. 
  • High tea at the Atlantis Palm: Savour traditional Arabic high tea at Atlantis, The Palm hotel. 
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque: Explore majestic architecture at the key site for worship in the UAE
  • Yas Island: Dive into adventures on family friendly Yas Island. 

Tips for Travelling in Dubai and Abu Dhabi 

  • Holidays in Dubai and Abu Dhabi get extremely hot, so keep water on hand to ensure you remain hydrated. 
  • The best way to get around this exotic land is by taxi or pre-booked private transfer. 
  • Take cash (Dirhams or dollars) to local markets. 
  • Pre-book desert safaris and other popular activities to avoid added expenses. 
  • Explore the food — Middle Eastern cuisine is exceptional. 
  • Dress respectfully — uncovered hair, shorts, and skirts are allowed; however, ladies are required to cover wrists, shoulders, and ankles when visiting Mosques and temples. 
  • The best time to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi is between December and February, when the desert heat is not unbearable. 
  • Visit Dubai to experience the best of three worlds — captivating deserts, golden beaches and a fast-paced city. 
  • Middle East holiday packages include dune safari dinners under the Arabian stars, hot air ballooning across the blue skies of Dubai and adventurous deep-sea fishing excursions. 
  • The Middle East is predominantly Islamic, with Arabic being its primary language. 
  • Kissing in public is strictly prohibited. 
  • Drinking alcohol is prohibited in public, and public restaurants don’t serve alcohol — you are, however, able to buy drinks at your hotel restaurant. 
  • Modesty is a priority for women and showing too much skin is considered disrespectful 

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