Chanalai Garden Resort

Chanalai Garden Resort is situated on the enchanting Southwest coast of Phuket Island, nestled within the picturesque Kata Beach. This idyllic location is conveniently located less than an hour away from Phuket International Airport, making it easily accessible for travellers seeking a tranquil and tropical getaway. The resort offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere, providing guests with a world away from their everyday cares. When you step outside the Garden Resort, you are instantly immersed in a vibrant and lively area filled with rich shopping opportunities, convenience stores, traditional Thai massage parlors, delectable restaurants offering both Thai and international cuisine, enticing street food stalls, friendly bars, and an array of local experiences to explore and enjoy. Chanalai Garden Resort offers the perfect balance between a peaceful retreat and the convenience of being close to the heart of Kata Beach, where you can discover the local culture, indulge in culinary delights, and partake in various activities. It's an ideal destination for travellers looking to experience the best of both worlds on the island of Phuket.
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