Coin de Mire Attitude

The Coin de Mire Attitude hotel is ideally located on the northern tip of Mauritius, offering a unique and picturesque setting between two distinct destinations. To the south, you have Grand Baie, a lively and popular resort town known for its vibrant atmosphere and attractions. To the north, you'll find the charming fishing village of Cap Malheureux, which provides a glimpse into the island's traditional coastal life. The hotel enjoys an exceptional position, with stunning views overlooking the lagoon that surrounds Mauritius. Coin de Mire Attitude is perfectly situated across from the entrance to the sandy Bain Boeuf beach, a tranquil cove that offers breathtaking sea views. You can admire the colorful fishing boats dotting the waters and the turquoise hues of the sea. Additionally, the view extends towards the iconic coral island of Coin de Mire, also known as Gunner's Quoin, adding to the natural beauty of the location. Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach escape, water activities, or a blend of cultural experiences and seaside relaxation, Coin de Mire Attitude offers a fantastic starting point to explore the northern regions of Mauritius and enjoy the island's natural beauty.
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