Lukimbi Safari Lodge

We meticulously selected the location of Lukimbi Safari Lodge, ensuring that the enchanting allure of the reserve could be fully embraced, whether on a safari adventure in the bush or from the comfort of the lodge itself. When we discovered a tranquil clearing beneath a cluster of ancient trees, overlooking a naturally fed spring with a breathtaking view along the bank of the Lwakahle River, we knew we had found our home.

Over a span of two years, we personally constructed the lodge using natural materials to seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment and minimize our impact on the earth. Nestled among marula trees, sweetthorn acacias, knobthorns, and bushwillows lining the water, we opted for stilted lodges with intricately carved concrete panels, a distinctive feature throughout the entire lodge.

Every room and living space was thoughtfully designed to maximize the panoramic views, while latticed ceilings filter the sun's gentle rays, creating ambient shifting shadows as the sun traverses the sky. Lukimbi Safari Lodge harmoniously integrates with the environment, a connection you can truly feel.

With its own unique character—warm, inviting, charmingly imperfect, and a touch quirky—Lukimbi features bright, richly textured natural fabrics, comfortable furniture selections, and artisanal crafted artworks. Whether you find yourself in the lounge, the bar, the dining room, or one of the relaxation alcoves on the upper or lower deck, or even in the library, you are encouraged to make yourself completely at home.

The pool area, a haven of tranquility situated right on the bank of the Lwakahle River, boasts multi-leveled relaxation decks, with a pool overlooking the river. A children's paddle pool is conveniently located nearby.
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Thank you for being part of our journey... and choosing us to be part of yours.

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