Sunrise Attitude

Exclusively for adults, the 4-star Sunrise Attitude hotel invites you to discover the untamed and preserved east coast of Mauritius.

To one side, expansive fields stretch as far as the eye can see. On the other, just across a small coastal road, lies one of the most stunning beaches in Mauritius: Belle Mare beach. With its kilometers of fine sand and an incredible turquoise lagoon, it sets the perfect backdrop for your stay.

Welcome to Sunrise Attitude!

In perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, the hotel is adorned in hues of leafy green, earthy terracotta, and mustard. Embracing Mauritian architecture, it features natural materials like wood, stone, thatch, and ravenala, with furniture and decorative objects crafted by talented local artisans.

Following a No-TV concept, the atmosphere at Sunrise Attitude encourages letting go. Take pleasure in moments of relaxation, reconnecting with nature to the rhythmic charm of sunrises and full moons that transform the lagoon into a magical spectacle. Here, time is taken to care for oneself, relishing healthy meals in an enchanting environment that invites appreciation for every moment.
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