Regarded by many South Africans as simply the gateway city to some of the world’s most exotic tropical island escapes, Thailand’s effervescent capital city, Bangkok, deserves much more than a stopover glance…
South African travellers have been so mesmerised by Thailand’s beach holiday retreats, the cosmopolitan capital city Bangkok is often seen as nothing more than a quick stopover before and after their tropical escape. But the city that never sleeps has an energy about it that is not only enchanting, but will leave travellers wanting to stay far longer once they’ve had a taste of its spirit. Come explore your Bangkok, its beautiful temples, glitzy palaces, bustling street markets, gleaming malls and famous nightlife.
Your cruise ship will arrive at or depart from Laem Chabang Port, about 90 minutes southeast of Bangkok. Metred taxis are available but will be expensive to travel to the city centre. The alternative is to arrange for a private transfer.
Your jaw will drop when you see Bangkok’s traffic. So bad is the traffic situation in Thailand’s capital - day and night, sunshine or rain - that taxi drivers will often balk at having to drive you distances they deem to be too far or inconvenient, and then overcharge you. Although there is an absolute mass of taxi services available, if you can avoid travelling by car and use the Skytrain (BTS) and underground (MRT) services, you should do so. Both these services are fairly easy to navigate and connect the main shopping, entertainment and business areas of the city. There are two BTS lines – the light green Sukhumvit Line taking you to the main shopping district Siam Square, and dark green Silom line that ends at the National Stadium, alongside the huge MBK shopping area. The two intersect at Siam and you’ll need five or 10 baht coins to purchase Skytrain tickets from vending machines in stations. There’s a 15-minute Airport Rail Link that takes travellers directly from Suvarnabhumi Airport into the centre of town. If you’re feeling brave you can hop on a river taxi or express boat that navigate up and down the Chao Praya river. There’s even a blue-flag Tourist Boat that stops at a different subset of piers, offers commentary in English and charges a flat day-pass fee. And of course there’s inimitable tuk-tuks that can sometimes be even more expensive than a taxi. Be warned, these tuk-tuk drivers sometimes have deals with shops like tailors and jewellery stores, where they receive commissions for dropping off tourists. You may find yourself forced to shop en-route to your final destination.

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We Value...

Pentravel operates on what we call the Gr8 Values. We believe that they are the reason for our great success.

1. Recruitment

We employ outstanding people

2. Relationships

We build strong teams before other strategies

3. Results

We are focused on the bottom line

4. Responsibility

We have a culture of discipline

5. Risk and Reward

Entrepreneurs flourish in our environment

6. Recognition

We celebrate our heroes

7. Rock and Roll

We act our shoe size. This is our kids’ strategy for adults at work

8. Retention

We create a sense of belonging

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Exciting benefits

Don't fall over when you see the range of exciting benefits Pentravel offers its expert consultants. Not only are our Pentravel experts among the highest-paid travel consultants in the country, the incentives and earning potential on offer are unmatched by any other travel company. And all this within a motivated, caring team environment!

Check out the incredible benefits our 'Pentravel Peeps' enjoy:

1. Commission
2. Incentives - extra free leave days
3. Holidays plus variable leave pay
4. Ed Travel - extra free leave days
5. Personal Travel Discounts
6. Medical Aid
7. Refer a Friend
8. Win an Award
9. Training
10. Career Development
11. Win air tickets as top supporters of preferred brands


Who doesn't get excited when talking about future travel plans? We adore making our customers' travel dreams come true. Now show off your expert knowledge, enthusiasm and dedicated customer service ethic and convert that dream into reality!

Write your own salary cheque starting at R12 000 per month (when the target of R300 000 sales is achieved). Of course, the more you sell, the more you earn so the sky certainly is the limit as your earning potential is completely uncapped at Pentravel.

Annual Travel Incentives

Fantastic incentives mean not only do you stand to earn extra bucks, you could also join the ranks of our High Climbers and Club 55 winners; memorable travel incentives that will have you fighting to be the best of the best. From Annual Award evenings to Grand Canyon trips and beach holidays with your partner in Mauritius, our Pentravel experts are highly treasured and rewarded for their talent, skill and hard work.

Holidays plus Variable Leave Pay

And just because you're earning commission, it doesn't mean you'll never be able to take a well-deserved break. Pentravel has a variable leave pay policy, which means you can go on leave knowing your holiday will not impact your commission earnings and leave you out of pocket. We want you to enjoy your leave, which incidentally starts at 15 days, increasing annually after 5 years to a maximum of 20 days within the business, and will ensure you are paid a commission average of the past 13 weeks for annual leave taken.

Educational Travel - Additional Free Leave Days

Pentravel experts receive not only an educational allowance which increases with the number of years of employment but they also receive an extra four days educational leave, over and above any incentive leave you earn, to experience and enjoy the travel products we sell on behalf of our carefully selected travel supplier partners.

Personal Travel Discounts

You can't sell travel if you never travel, so we encourage our Pentravel experts to take advantage of some of the amazing deals that Pentravel has negotiated with our supplier partners. Special travel agent and Pentravel rates that are far cheaper than those offered to the general public, make it more affordable for you to explore the world and remain the expert. Remember also that selling holidays on a daily basis gives you the opportunity to find out about the best deals. Invariably airlines don't offer agent discounts but you will know first about any reduced airfares available.

Medical Aid

We want you to be healthy and so we incentivise you to join a medical scheme with either Discovery Health or Momentum by contributing R250 per month to the scheme of your choice.

Refer a Friend

The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Over the years we have recruited many friends and family members and as a reward for these introductions we happily pay R3000 for all successful recruits.

Be a Winner

Pentravel is proudly South African and that means our consultants are located countrywide. Of course as with some (clearly not all) family reunions, our Annual Awards evening brings us together for a night of entertainment and great memories. Join us to celebrate in the achievements of your friends and colleagues, and of course your own success with a range of exciting prizes on offer, including international holidays, and captivating entertainment.

Training and Career Development

Training is so important to Pentravel. It's one of the key areas that sets us apart. So whether you're a Newbie or a Regional Sales Manager, you will enjoy the benefits of a structured training programme to ensure you reach and exceed your potential. We're here to help you reach for the stars!

The Team

The word 'Team' is one of the most important words within our business. Love it, or hate it (certainly more the former at Pentravel) you spend most of your waking life at work and so because we want you to be a happy fit, we carefully choose members of our Pentravel team. Our Pentravel Peeps are renowned for their team spirit, quirky personalities, and caring, supportive natures. We appreciate and share in each others' achievements and encourage one another to achieve even greater successes. We celebrate at all opportunities personal and work. Baby showers included...

Fan Clubs

On a less serious training note we have our regional Fan Club meetings every two months where consultants in each area take advantage of an evening together with colleagues to learn about new travel products. Don your party hat and appetite for knowledge as you vie for fun prizes and enjoy a night on the town.


You've heard it all before. The Pentravel mantra is 'act your shoe size'. And evidence of this is carried in our bi-monthly inhouse PenPals newsletter keeping you in the Pentravel picture. From weddings and babies, to parties and rewards, PenPals covers a range of updates on what's going on in the ever-tight Pentravel family. What happens on tour, goes in PenPals...

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If you've travelled internationally, believe strongly in excellent customer service and are driven to succeed, why not apply to become a Pentravel travel advisor today? It's as easy as downloading our Careers eBrochure and sending an application letter to answering just six easy questions:

1.    Where have you travelled to internationally?
2.    What is your favourite travel destination and why?
3.    Why are you interested in working in travel?
4.    Where do you work now and why do you want to leave to join Pentravel?
5.    What is good customer service?
6.    What is the secret of sales success?

Email now to join the Pentravel team!
We manage to complete all of our recruitment within a month so you can be assured that when its time for you to provide your calendar month’s notice, you have will made the best career decision of your life and have been identified as a high achiever, somebody who has the ability to really make a difference at Pentravel.

Careers Brochure

Download our super cool Careers Brochure HERE!


So by now you will have realised what a great career Pentravel offers together with fabulous employee benefits, rewards and recognition. We truly are an outstanding organisation. However, it is important to understand that it' not all play and personal travel, our mission is: "To remain South Africa's holiday and leisure travellers favourite and most trusted travel partner."

Without our delivery of exceptional customer service and commitment to self development coupled with our dedication to on-going business improvement we would be unable to achieve this. Take a look at a typical day in our shops to see if you think you will thrive and enjoy the role of a Pentravel Ultimate Leisure Sales Expert.

08h00 - 08h30

It's Monday! Time to dash in to work, grab a quick coffee and have a catch up with my colleagues. I have just a few minutes left to reflect on my vision board (what I want to achieve and how to do it), targets and regional incentive posters in the back office, take a look at my emails and check my shifts for the week before the mad rush begins...

08h30 - 09h00

Right, next begins our morning meeting to discuss sales and targets. It's a good opportunity for me to get an understanding of what I'm on in terms of commission, and of course how the region is performing (we're a competitive bunch!). My manager helps me to work out what turnover to generate to reach my monthly commission target and double my salary. And then we chat about our enquiries, where we're having difficulties, how to improve and what to quote on. Just a couple of minutes left to hear about the latest things happening in the industry. It's important for us to be informed to be the best, after all we are not known as the experts for nothing. Before opening our doors, we make sure our brochure racks are full, our desks neat and tidy and insurance policies ready for the taking. Let the games begin!

09h00 - 09h30

It's my one-on-one meeting with my manager today and although I'm a little apprehensive I know she has my best interests at heart and will help me improve on some minor areas that need development. I gather all my files, conversion sheet and the monthly roster to go through with her. Good news... she helps me with a few client call backs and even manages to help me close a deal! "Don't forget you have a training session at 08h00 tomorrow with one of our preferred supplier's reps and a charity visit in the afternoon," she says before closing the meeting. Whew... do I have time or a quick coffee before my next appointment?

09h30 - 09h45

Fifteen minutes to check my airline queues and race through my emails. I have three customers who are all hooked and ready to book and who want me to make some tweaks to their quotes. Hooray! I reply to them quickly and advise them that I will have their quotes ready by early afternoon. It's important that I always set clear expectations with my customers and keep in touch with them. I know now that they will wait for me and if I need the time to get my quotes completed my Manager will help me.

09h45 - 11h00

Making travel dreams come true... A family walks into the shop and asks for a brochure on Mauritius. I chat to them about their needs as not everybody wants the same thing and that's one of the differences between us and our competitors, we really get to know the customer's needs. My customers are so impressed with my service that when I ask if they want to check some availability whilst they are in the shop they happily agree and sit down. I give the children something to play with while I consult with mom and dad about the best options on offer that meet their needs. They show me a quote they received elsewhere and I ask my manger to help me create a competitive quote. I talk the clients through the quote, show them the brochure, as well as photos of one of my colleague's recent Mauritius educational photos. The client is so impressed that I succeed in closing the deal there and then...'Cha-ching'!

11h00 - 11h15

In pops one of our airline reps to do a quick visit, talking me through some of the latest airfares that have been released. The phone rings and a new client, as luck would have it, wants to book that exact airline to London. I fill them in on the latest specials and offer to follow up with a quote. Time is of the essence in travel and having sent off the quote in a few minutes they are impressed with my speed and decide to book with me. Another sale in the bag!

11h15 - 12h00

Yay! Our posters and flyers have arrived. It's a new month and the new specials are brilliant. The team start hanging our new posters up and filling our brochure racks to entice customers. Just as I am about to work on my quotes, I notice an elderly couple looking interestingly at a special that's being displayed on one of our in-store plasma screens. I dash off to get my enquiry pad, a brochure and business card in the hopes we can help them with their travel plans. I invite them in and offer them coffee. It turns out they're avid cruise travellers and I manage to spark their interest in one of our cruise specials. After getting to know them a bit more and talking about the cruise they are interested in, they ask me to work out a quote for them while they continue with their shopping.

12h00 - 13h00

Could it be lunchtime already? I haven't had time to go complete my re-quotes but I am not running out of time. Remember I told my customers that I would get back to them early afternoon so I tell my Manager that I am going to focus on my quotes. I am so excited as I am convinced all of them are going to book. Why wouldn't they my service is excellent! I finish the re-quotes and call my customers to let them know that they are on their way and that I can't wait to hear back from them.

13h00 - 13h45

I grab a cruise brochure to read whilst I have my lunch and I read through today's specials that have arrived this morning. A good thing too because I notice an even-better deal for the elderly cruise couple. I finish my lunch and then quickly add this to their quote and call them to tell them the good news. They are going to come back into the shop in half an hour to go through the quote.

13h45 - 14h15

It's my colleague's (or in Pen lingo my 'twin') lunch and a few of her clients come in to pay for their holidays. I process the payment on her behalf, issue their documents and explain their itinerary to them. Just as I finish my twin comes back from her lunch in time to chat to her customers a little more and wish them a wonderful trip.

14h15 - 15h30

My elderly cruise clients are back and after we discuss the special they say they want to book, not only that, but they also want to upgrade their cabin. It's a good day all round. They're going to have a wonderful holiday and I've had a great day for sales!

15h30 - 16h30

Today has been manically busy with walk-ins, calls and emails, but it usually gets a little more manageable around this time so I take the opportunity to reflect on my day, make sure all items in my diary are ticked off, all call backs are done, that my manager has checked my files and all my quotes have been sent. I then make a list of client call backs in my diary for the next day. Eish!

16h30 - 17h00

Before the day comes to an end and I head off to tonight's Fan Club, I receive a call from one of my customers whom I had re-quoted earlier this afternoon. This is my repeat customer, this will be her third booking with me and she has also referred her friends and family to me simply because she knows that I care about getting everything right for her. She wants me to check availability and make provisional bookings for them. They will need to pay by Friday to qualify so I need to be quick!


Its closing time so we lock up the shop but before we both leave I help my colleague who is preparing a handover of her files as she is joining a Thailand educational tomorrow and will be away for a week. Just before we both leave we do quick sweep of the office to make sure everything is neat and tidy, and the phone is redirected for emergencies! I plan to come in a little earlier tomorrow to meet a VIP client before he heads overseas, as I want to take his payment on another booking so I can beat my target again this month. I want to make sure I'm in the running for Top 10 consultant this month!