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Think bigger and better; Dubai is a can-do city with the highest buildings, the most extraordinary architecture, the biggest malls. You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing more to this desert kingdom than a sea of sand dunes, but in truth the city’s massive development over the past few decades means it is one of the most modern destinations you’re likely to visit…
Nicknamed the City of Merchants, Dubai is a shopper’s paradise from its old souks to its modern malls. Contrast pictures of wooden dhows on the Creek and the smell of fragrant shisha pipes against the gleaming glass windows of the world tallest building, the 828m-high Burj Khalifa. Modern and old contrive to create a destination that will leave you dashing from one end of the city to another to explore a diverse range of experiences.
Your cruise ship will dock at Port Rashid Pier and it’s 2km to the port gate. Several malls offer free shuttles and there is a taxi service, although a surcharge is often levied for catching these from the port, or the airport. The Big Bus Company runs a few routes around Dubai and there’s an information desk located within the cruise terminal for disembarking passengers.
Dubai’s metro system is relatively cheap and exceptionally easy to use. There are two lines – the 52km-long Red Line that connects the airport, Burj Kgalifa and the Mall of the Emirates, and the Green Line that travels through the centre of the city. Take note however that the metro doesn’t open until 12h00 on Fridays and that the red ticket purchased for the metro is not transferrable to bus services. Metred taxis are available although the distance between attractions can be so vast that use of these may become expensive.  The easiest way to cross the Dubai creek is by abra, a small ferry. Stations are located along the Creek.