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It’s the Pearl of the Adriatic and it’s easy to see why. The turquoise-blue sea provides a striking setting for the Dubrovnik’s signature white-stone buildings and red rooftops. It’s simply one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful, picturesque towns; its Venetian and maritime trade heritage evident in the Renaissance and Baroque palaces, fountains, churches and monasteries…
Although severely damaged by an earthquake in 1667, and again during the 1990s armed conflict, Dubrovnik has managed to retain much of its charm. In addition to the Old Town, visitors can visit Pile, an ancient area of the city and the official “entrance” to the Old Town. Dubrovnik’s beach scene meanwhile can be enjoyed on the Lapad peninsula with its promenades, beaches and restaurants.
Your cruise ship will dock at the port of Gruz, located just under 3km from the city. You can take a 10- to 15-minute taxi ride into the Old Town or a ship-organised shuttle (some are free) from the port to the Pile Gate, the pedestrianised start of Old Town.
Dubrovnik has an extensive bus network which operates 24-hours a day. The main bus hub is at Pile Gate and tickets can be purchased at newsstands. Taxi services are however also available prolifically and fairly cheap, and if you’re feeling energetic the Old Town is traffic free, concentrated in a small area and can be explored on foot. Be warned though, the Old Town is a rabbit warren of tiny streets and some of the streets can be a little steep.