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You won’t have to work hard to enjoy all that Venice has to offer. The city’s small size ensures that visitors can capture its essence – architecture, culture, heritage and flavours – quickly and with ease. Walk through the city’s calle (alleyways) and explore its tiny campi (squares). Get lost in Venice… it’s worth the gander…
Rekindle the passion in one of Europe’s most romantic cities. It’s little wonder that this picturesque city has been the protagonist in so many films, novels and poems as its beautiful setting inspires all those who explore it. Although Venice has largely retained the charm it exuded in its heyday centuries ago, it has earned a reputation for on the pricey side and particularly popular with tourists.
Your cruise ship will dock at one of two areas in the Venice Cruise Terminal – the Marittima basin or the San Basilio pier. You can take a water taxi or vaporreto water bus, or a taxi, bus or tram to almost anywhere in the city. A privately owned water bus company operates a service from the marina to Giudecca, the Zattere promenade, San Marco, Lido and the Airport. This can be reserved and paid for online. A private water taxi is however more convenient, but it will be expensive. 
Venice is small enough for you to see most of the landmark sites on foot. Built on an archipelago of 117 islands joined by over 400 bridges, just walking through the city is rewarding enough from a tourist perspective. But if you’re not a keen walker, you can buy a travelcard for various lengths of stay to use the vaporetti, public waterbuses, or take a more expensive private water taxi if time is of the essence.