Enchanted Princess

The Enchanted Princess offers an extraordinary cruise experience with a focus on innovative features, luxurious accommodations, and a wide range of alluring destinations.

Features: Enchanted Princess features the Sky Suite, a stunning outdoor experience with the largest balcony at sea, offering private cabanas, premium amenities, and breathtaking ocean views. The ship offers a variety of enrichment programs, including culinary workshops, guest speakers, and art exhibitions, allowing passengers to engage in personal growth and cultural exploration. The heart of the ship, the Piazza, is a vibrant hub with live entertainment, shopping, and numerous dining options, creating a lively atmosphere for socializing and relaxation.

Accommodation: Enchanted Princess offers a range of elegant staterooms with modern amenities and comfortable furnishings, ensuring passengers a tranquil and restful retreat. For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, the ship's deluxe suites come with exclusive amenities, dedicated concierge service, and access to the Sanctuary, an adults-only relaxation area.

Destinations: Enchanted Princess sails to beautiful ports of the Mediterranean, and also offers voyages to the Caribbean, with visits to tropical paradises, pristine beaches, and vibrant island cultures. Enchanted Princess embarks on transatlantic crossings, a unique and leisurely way to travel between Europe and North America, with multiple days at sea to indulge in shipboard activities.

The Enchanted Princess cruise ship combines innovative features, luxurious accommodations, and a diverse array of destinations to create an unparalleled cruise experience.
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