Explora I

EXPLORA I represents a new era of luxury ocean travel. Exquisitely designed with a promise of elegance, joy, exploration and discovery.

A new era of ocean travel has arrived.
On 1 August 2023, EXPLORA I departed on her Maiden Journey, sailing from Copenhagen, Denmark on an epic 14-night journey through seven captivating destinations with a two-night stay in Reykjavik, before returning to the Danish capital. This marks the start of a series of itineraries spanning three continents, offering guests cultural immersion and an opportunity for inner and outer discovery on their quest to the Ocean State of Mind.

EXPLORA I is the blueprint of exquisite design.
Expect extraordinary architecture blended with environmental technologies.

461 Ocean-front suites
9 culinary experiences
3 outdoor pools, 1 indoor
Voted No.1
in travel

Thank you for being part of our journey... and choosing us to be part of yours.

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