MS Kong Harald

The MS Kong Harald is a remarkable vessel that embodies the rich maritime heritage of Norway. This iconic ship is part of the Hurtigruten fleet, a company known for its expedition and coastal cruises. Named after the King of Norway, King Harald V, this ship is a floating testament to the country's royal history and its deep connection to the sea.

With a length of 121 meters, the MS Kong Harald is a medium-sized cruise ship, providing a more intimate and cozy experience compared to larger vessels. It is known for its comfortable cabins, excellent dining options, and a variety of lounges and common areas that offer breathtaking panoramic views of Norway's stunning coastal landscapes.

The ship's interior is designed with a modern Scandinavian touch, reflecting the country's clean and elegant design traditions. Passengers aboard the MS Kong Harald can enjoy the ship's amenities, including a wellness center, a sauna, a gym, and a well-stocked library, making it a perfect combination of relaxation and exploration.

What truly sets the MS Kong Harald apart is its role in the Hurtigruten's Norwegian Coastal Express route, which spans 34 ports along the stunning Norwegian coastline. Travelers on this ship have the unique opportunity to experience the wonders of Norway, from the Northern Lights in winter to the Midnight Sun in summer, all while enjoying the comfort and luxury of a world-class cruise ship. The MS Kong Harald is a testament to the beauty of Norway and the exploration of its breathtaking coastlines, making it a vessel of choice for travelers seeking an unforgettable maritime adventure.

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