S.S. Antoinette

Uniworld's SS Antoinette epitomizes luxury on Europe's waterways, offering a remarkable river cruise experience that seamlessly blends opulence with exploration. Launched in 2011, this magnificent vessel graces the Rhine River with its elegant presence. SS Antoinette transports travelers to enchanting destinations, from the vineyard-draped landscapes of the Rhine Valley to the historic cities of Basel and Amsterdam.

The ship's design is a tribute to the 18th-century French château of Marie Antoinette, showcasing grandeur in every detail. Lavish staterooms and suites exude sophistication, complemented by public spaces adorned with antiques and original art.

Onboard features of SS Antoinette include an inviting sun deck with a pool, a well-equipped fitness center, and a cinema for entertainment. Culinary enthusiasts indulge in exquisite dining experiences, including Alsatian specialties, in a setting that mirrors the elegance of a fine European estate.

SS Antoinette's intimate size, accommodating around 150 passengers, ensures a personalized journey, while its innovative design allows for drop-down balconies in many staterooms, offering panoramic views of the passing scenery.

As SS Antoinette gracefully navigates the Rhine, passengers are treated to an immersive cultural voyage, where luxury meets exploration. This ship stands as a testament to Uniworld's commitment to providing a unique and unforgettable river cruising experience along some of Europe's most picturesque waterways.
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