S.S. Beatrice

Uniworld's SS Beatrice is a floating masterpiece that promises an extraordinary river cruise experience, blending sumptuous luxury with captivating destinations. This stunning ship, launched in 2018, navigates some of Europe's most iconic waterways, including the Danube.

SS Beatrice's itineraries weave through the heart of Europe, unveiling the splendor of destinations such as Budapest, Vienna, and Passau. Passengers are treated to a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, from exploring historic castles to savoring world-class wines in the vineyards along the way.

The ship itself is a vision of elegance and comfort. Lavishly appointed staterooms and suites offer a retreat of refined luxury, while public spaces exude charm and sophistication. SS Beatrice features a sun deck with a pool, a fitness center, and inviting lounges, providing passengers with various options for relaxation and entertainment.

Culinary delights abound on board, with a focus on farm-to-table, locally-inspired cuisine. Passengers can indulge in gourmet meals while enjoying panoramic views of the passing landscapes.

SS Beatrice stands as a testament to Uniworld's commitment to providing a unique and unforgettable river cruising experience. Whether admiring the views from the ship or exploring the cultural gems along the riverbanks, passengers on SS Beatrice embark on a journey where luxury and exploration harmoniously converge.
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