S.S. Victoria

The S.S. Victoria, a kindred spirit to the esteemed S.S. Elisabeth, gracing our European fleet in the year 2024. This floating masterpiece exudes an aura of contemporary opulence, boasting the grandeur of the largest suites to grace the winding rivers of Europe. Behold the majesty of two Royal Suites, each a palatial expanse encompassing an astonishing 506 square feet. For those seeking an even grander retreat, indulge in reserving the adjacent standard Suite, seamlessly transforming your haven into a sprawling 759 square feet of decadent living space. Two bedrooms, joined by a sumptuous living room, offer a sanctuary of unparalleled comfort.

Within the embrace of these lavish quarters, revel in expansive views and the plush embrace of water-facing beds adorned with Uniworld’s bespoke linens. The ship, a floating masterpiece, invites you to unwind in the ambient hues of the lounge, where three dining venues beckon, each promising a culinary journey inspired by the regions traversed. Choose from the main dining room, an intimate setting for smaller groups, or ascend to the rooftop bar for an elevated dining experience beneath the open sky.

Venture beyond the staterooms, and discover an oasis of tranquility in the spa area—a haven adorned with a pool, a fitness sanctuary, and a massage room. Tiny yet noticeable touches abound, from the original artworks gracing the walls to the fragrant presence of fresh flowers, all weaving Uniworld's boutique elegance throughout the ship. On the S.S. Victoria, every moment becomes a symphony of indulgence, inviting you to savor the journey as much as the destination.
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