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Prices included on the www.pentravel.co.za website are per person twin share, include discounts, and are subject to availability and rate of exchange changes. Offers above are a guide only and may vary depending on departure date. Visas may be necessary and insurance is essential. Pentravel and Tour Operator terms and conditions apply, and may be found on our website. AIRFARES: have different validities and book by/travel dates, please ask us for more information! Pre-payable taxes are correct at the time of going to print and may vary. Taxes will increase if stops are made. E&OE

Offers can be removed at any time

It is always best to book as early as possible as all prices quoted are subject to availability and rate of exchange at the time of booking.

All quoted prices for flights and packages include Pentravel's Standard Ticketing and Transaction fees as well as any administration fees. Please be aware that a consulting fee of R230 (including VAT) will be added to your confirmed booking. Please note: Cheque payments are not accepted.

HAVE I GIVEN YOU THE BEST PRICE?  We aim to be as competitive as possible and always offer better value. If you receive a lower written quote elsewhere, please let me know.

PASSPORTS - Please ensure that you are in possession of a passport valid for a minimum of 6 months after your return date to South Africa. Temporary passports are no longer issued by Home Affairs. Please ask your consultant for more details.

VISAS - Please ensure all the necessary visa requirements have been met for all countries visited or transited during your travel. Pentravel has entered into agreements with MDS Visapak and SVS International and we will refer you to one of their consultants to advise and fulfil your visa requirements. You will be required to sign a visa disclaimer exempting Pentravel from any responsibility in this regard.

TRAVEL INSURANCE - Travel Insurance is essential to protect you from cancellation, medical and personal expenses or loss. We highly recommend purchasing insurance for all persons travelling. We have excellent rates with differing levels of cover so please make sure you ask about the Bryte Insurance policies.

PENTRAVEL BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS are displayed in full further below and will be provided to you in full when your reservation is made. Pentravel acts at all times as an agent, subagent or broker for various principals and other parties, inter alia; tour operators, airlines, shipping companies, car hire and touring firms, hotels and other providers of tours, transport, sea or land arrangements and other travel-related services. We act on behalf of these principals and are not responsible for acts of error or omission made by them or their agents.

UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE - New Immigration regulations come into effect 01 June 2015, one of which requires all children under 18 yrs of age to travel with their unabridged birth certificate or full birth certificate displaying both parent's names. Please ensure you have applied for these well before your intended holiday. Please request further information on these new regulations from your Pentravel consultant or click on the below links:

For all applicable details on these regulations please refer to the Department of Home Affairs official communication by clicking on and reading this document: Home
Affairs Immigration Procedures Detailed.pdf

Please click here to access the Home Affairs Parental Consent Affidavit for parents not travelling with their children

FOREX - Pentravel has excellent rates with Travelex and upon booking, we are able to refer your details to them for all your foreign exchange needs.



THANK YOU for placing your business with Pentravel. The following TERMS AND CONDITIONS are very important and must be read prior to confirming your itinerary to
ensure that we have met our undertaking to you. Please READ the below completely, initial each page and sign on the last page of your confirmation itinerary where required. Alternatively your consultant may send your itinerary and confirmation to you on email for you to accept these Terms and Conditions electronically.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones are banned from all airlines

Pentravel acts at all times as an agent, sub agent or broker for various principals and other 3rd party suppliers inter alia; tour operators, airlines, cruise companies, car
hire and touring firms, hotels and other providers of tours, transport, sea or land arrangements and other travel-related services such as visas. We act on behalf of these
principles and 3rd party suppliers and are not responsible for acts of error or omission made by them or their agents.

SA Immigration Regulations for travelling internationally:
From 01 June 2015, all children under the age of 18 require the following when travelling internationally:
  • Valid Passport, valid for at least 6 months after their return
  • Any required visas for the destinations they are travelling to or through
  • Unabridged Birth certificate (this may be called a Birth Certificate or other name if from a different country but it must contain full details of BOTH parents of the
If travelling with one parent, consent from the other parent is required in the form of a Parental Consent Affidavit as well as a certified copy of that parent's ID.
If travelling without either parent, consent from both parents is required in the form of a Parental Consent Affidavit, as well as a certified copy of both parent's ID's.

Please click here to access the Home Affairs Parental Consent Affidavit for parents not travelling with their children

Please note:
  • If the Parents surname on the Unabridged Birth Certificate is different to that of the surname on the passport eg Maiden name vs Married name, please travel with a certified copy of your Marriage Certificate as well.
  • Documents must be original or certified as a true copy of the original by a commissioner of oaths or the equivalent commissioning authority in your country of Nationality and certified copies must not be older than 3 months before your last travel date.
For all applicable details on these regulations please refer to the Department of Home Affairs official communication by clicking on and reading this document: Home
Affairs Immigration Procedures Detailed.pdf

  • Domestic Travellers are required to have proof of their identity such as a South African ID Book, Drivers license or passport.
  • Infants and Children under the age of 18 and must travel with their birth certificate or ID book (if 16yrs or older)
The Pentravel Itinerary is your written confirmation of your booking. Please make sure you read and understand the itinerary and ask a consultant to explain it to you if you are unsure of anything.

Pentravel reserves the right to implement Service Charges and these are included in the prices quoted to you prior to booking or at the time of making any changes.
Service Charges may include but are not limited to: booking, ticketing, documentation, amendments, cancellation, communications, consultation and administration fees.

Our minimum service fee amounts are displayed in our offices.

Are the names on your Travel Itinerary spelt exactly the same as those on your passports? Once your tickets are issued, name changes are not allowed so please check
this prior to paying for your booking.

All bookings must be accompanied by the required deposit or full payment, depending on the airline, tour operator or 3rd party supplier used. All deposits are
non-refundable. Pentravel reserves the right to cancel a booking should the required deposit not be received. Payment of a deposit does not guarantee the price quoted -
this may be affected by rate of exchange fluctuations and other factors beyond Pentravel's control.

  • Travel Insurance is essential to protect you when you travel. Have you been offered, or asked us for Travel Insurance? Cover yourself against cancellation, medical, baggage and personal expenses plus more.
  • Bryte Travel Insurance are Pentravel's exclusive insurance partner.
  • Insurance is recommended for both International and Domestic trips.
  • Your Pentravel Consultant will furnish you with the levels of cover offered by Bryte Travel Insurance but you will need to decide which policy type is most suitable to your travel needs.
  • The Pentravel consultant will facilitate the issuing of the Insurance policy but is not in a position to provide insurance advice. For insurance related queries, or for
  • claims on your policy, please contact Bryte Travel Insurance on 0860 737 775.
  • Always read the insurance policy documents and policy wording that will be emailed to you as it contains vitally important information regarding the cover you have purchased and the claims process.
  • Free Credit Card insurance may not be adequate cover for your trip. Ask your travel consultant to furnish you with the Bryte Insurance credit card top-up policy information.
You are required to advise whether you would like to purchase an insurance policy or are declining such insurance, by selecting one of the options on the acceptance page of your confirmation.

Full payment is required at least 6 weeks prior to departure OR at the time of booking which ever is earliest and depending on the requirements of the 3rd party suppliers used for your booking. MSC Cruises requires full payment at least 75 days prior to departure. Please reconfirm your outstanding balance before you make payment as prices may have fluctuated with the rate of exchange.

Pentravel accepts payment via the following methods:
  • Cash
  • EFT (electronic funds transfer) or Direct Deposits into one of the bank accounts listed at the bottom of these terms and conditions.
  • Credit or debit cards produced in one of our stores
  • 3D Secure Online credit card payment (Please ensure your credit card is set up for 3D Secure transactions)
  • 3rd Party Supplier online Credit Card payments via the Supplier's website - please send proof of payment to the Pentravel Consultant once completed, if you have selected to pay the supplier directly on their website or payment link.

Please use your booking reference as a reference when making your payment

Pentravel Cavendish banking details:
Standard Bank
Branch: Tygervalley
Branch Code: 050410
Account Type: Current
Account No.:071021515
Account Name: Pentravel a division of Cullinan Holdings

Branch Code: 250655
Account Type: Current
Account No.:62297837117
Account Name: Pentravel, A Division of Cullinan Holdings

Branch Code: 198765
Account Type: Current
Account No.:1469192063
Account Name: Pentravel, A Division of Cullinan Holdings

Branch Code: 632005
Account Type: Currrent
Account No.:4077213115
Account Name: Pentravel, A Division of Cullinan Holdings

Pentravel will never send you bank details on a separate document than this travel itinerary . Should you be concerned these details have been tampered with kindly confirm this information by calling Pentravel Central Services on 031 275 2000.

Bank transfers can take up to 48 hours to reflect. Payment of your booking cannot be processed unless the funds have cleared in our account.
Please use your Pentravel reference as reference when making payment.

Bryte Insurance Payments
Please note that Pentravel is not an authorised Financial Services Provider and therefore Bryte Insurance policy premiums must be paid by you directly to them. If paying Bryte via credit card we will insert your credit card details into the Bryte online secure website however we accept no further responsibility for the processing of this payment. Alternatively, we will send you a Bryte quotation from which you can click on their payment link and insert your own credit card details.  Lastly, you may pay the Bryte Insurance amount directly into their bank account via a direct deposit using Bank details as below - Please confirm the Bryte policy reference number with your consultant prior to doing this.

Bank: Absa
Account Name: Bryte Insurance Premium Account
Type of Account: Corporate/Current acc.
Account Number: 4080819392
Branch: Absa Newtown Junc
Branch Code: 630405
Please use your Bryte Policy Reference, not your Pentravel reference.

When you receive your travel documents, vouchers or tickets, please check that they match what is on your Pentravel Itinerary. Please contact your travel consultant
before you depart if there are any discrepancies.

We recommend that you register your personal goods prior to departure from SA. Traveler Card TC01 can be completed and stamped by SARS at the Customs desk at
the airport before you depart on your trip. Registering your goods is not compulsory however, should you not register your valuables or be able to prove that they were
yours before departing SA, you may be liable for import duties or a fine. Please refer to www.sars.gov.za for further information

Both Pentravel and the 3rd party suppliers charge cancellation fees. Please ask your travel consultant to explain the fees relating to your booking. Please ensure you have
received a copy of the 3rd party supplier's Terms and Conditions.

If changes are made to flights prior to departure, the difference in airport taxes between the time of ticket purchase and time of the change will be charged by the
airline. Should the airfare have changed or the original offer retracted, the difference between the original fare and the increased or applicable airfare may also be
Should you miss your flight or NO SHOW, your ticket may be non-refundable if not cancelled or changed before departure.
Please contact your Travel Consultant if you will not be utilising your whole ticket or any one flight on your ticket.
Your baggage allowance may also change depending on the new fare/date purchased

In case of an afterhours emergency, please contact the branch that you have booked with where you will be provided with an emergency contact number.

  • Your baggage allowance will vary according to the airline, class of travel and the routing you have chosen. Some airfares and/or airlines do not allow free checked
  • baggage allowance. Please confirm the baggage allowance as displayed on your ticket and if unsure, ask your travel consultant to explain it to you.
  • Hand luggage restrictions depend on the airline but should usually not exceed 5-7KG - please confirm with the specific airline you are booked on.
  • Most airlines will charge for excess baggage so do not exceed your baggage allowance.
  • Booking separate tickets may affect your baggage allowance as each ticket will have separate conditions.
  • Travelling to the USA - Should you not utilise Transport Security Association (TSA) approved locks, your lock may be broken off to allow the TSA access to your
  • luggage.

If you are planning on taking goods such as alcohol, cigarettes or perfumes on your trip, please request the Duty Free allowance for your specific country of destination
from your Travel consultant.

We highly recommend that you check-in online wherever possible, using the airline websites. This is usually available 24 hours before the departure time of your flight but please check with each airline.

Pentravel recommend a check-in time of 3 hours prior to departure for international flights and 1 and a half hours check-in time for South African domestic flights. These are a guide only and may vary at any time due to security and other factors at the airport.

Pentravel recommends a minimum 3 hours connecting time between flights and at least 4 hours for connecting flights within the USA. You must use your flights in the
sequence that they are booked on your ticket. Should you miss a flight or no-show, the airline may cancel the remaining sectors automatically and you will need to make a new booking at your own cost. If you need to change any part of your itinerary, or you have missed a connection, please contact your travel consultant to assist you in making further changes. Emergency numbers are available on each shops' after-hours message so please contact the branch you booked with.

Once your journey has commenced, onward flight times and routings may be changed by the airline. Please confirm your onward flight check-in and departure times. Pentravel will not be held responsible for missed onward flights.

Any schedule or routing changes made by the airline are out of Pentravel's control and we therefore cannot be held responsible for these changes made by the airline. We
will assist and advise on the options available should your booking be affected by airline changes.

Please advise your Pentravel consultant of any special requests you may have. We will request these from the supplier and/or airline but they are never guaranteed and may be subject to availability and additional charges.
  • We highly recommend you pre-seat yourself on the airline's website prior to departure, whilst doing online check-in.
  • Families should check-in online as early as possible to ensure seating together as Pentravel and the airline cannot guarantee seats together.
  • Seating varies according to the class and airfare you have purchased. Many airlines now charge a fee for pre-seating. We can request seating on your behalf but we cannot guarantee it, even if the airline confirms at the time of booking.
  • The airline reserves the right to change the configuration of the aircraft at any time which may change your seating request.
  • Services such as Wheelchairs, Unaccompanied Minors or Meet and Assists must be requested at the time of booking
  • as they are subject to availability.
  • Special meals need to be requested at time of booking or at least 72 hours prior to departure.
  • Many discounted or low-cost carriers do not offer free meals on board.

Most hotels globally require a security deposit at time of check in. This is a deposit for incidentals incurred by guests and is usually taken as a pre-authorisation off your credit card. If no incidental charges are incurred, the hotel will release the pre-authorised amount. If you require further information, please ask your travel consultant or the hotel directly.

Some countries may charge a City tax which is only payable, in cash, on arrival at your hotel and is therefore not payable prior to departure. Amounts vary from one city to another so please make enquiries on arrival at your destination.

If you are hiring a car/motorbike or any type of transportation vehicle in another country or locally, you will need a valid driver's licence for that category of vehicle.
  • We recommend that you always travel overseas with an International Driver's License obtainable from your local Automobile Association (AA)
  • Minimum age for car hire is 21 years old, sometimes older, depending on the country you will be driving in.
  • The driver of the vehicle must hold a valid credit card in their name to produce on collection of the vehicle as you will be asked to pay a deposit on the vehicle
  • over and above the car hire charge.
  • Please specify at the time of booking if you require a baby/child seat for the rental vehicle which we can request at an additional charge. This may be compulsory in some countries and you will need to pre-book it if not taking your own.
The Airline and/or 3rd party suppliers holds any monies you have paid for the airtickets or travel arrangements, not Pentravel, therefore refunds can take up to 6 weeks, sometimes longer.
  • All airlines have different policies regarding refunds on half-flown tickets and therefore Pentravel cannot guarantee any refund on these. We will apply for the refund on your behalf but will need to confirm the amount, if any, once the airline has advised us.
  • We reserve the right to charge cancellation fees as well as administration fees as well as pass on those cancellation charges levied by the airlines and third party suppliers.
  • Not all airport taxes are refundable - this is determined by the individual airline concerned.
  • Please ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months AFTER you return from your trip.
  • Please ensure you have 2 - 3 consecutive blank pages in your passport when you travel.
  • Dual Citizenship passport holders must carry both valid passports when travelling abroad. It is a Home Affairs regulation that SA Passport holders must use their valid SA passport when leaving SA and when re-entering South Africa. Your foreign passport may only be used to enter and depart your country of destination.
Visas are required by South African passport holders to many destinations including the USA, UK, Australia and Europe. Transit visas may also be required when transiting through one country enroute to another one. If transiting 2 Schengen countries, you will require a Schengen transit visa.
  • Please ensure all the necessary visa requirements have been met for all countries you are travelling to OR through.
  • Please ensure you allow enough time for all visa applications as the processing time varies according to each embassy.
  • The issuance of a visa does not guarantee entry into that country.
  • Your Pentravel consultant will advise you of Visa Suppliers who may be used to assist with your visa application/s at an additional fee. You are able to either accept or decline the use of a visa supplier by indicating your choice on the acceptance page of these terms and conditions.
  • All visa applications processed through a Visa Supplier must be prepaid, prior to submission, based on a quoted price. This price may change depending on the full and final cost charged by the embassy at the time of submission. Any additional amounts will need to be settled prior to passports being handed over.
  • Some countries require you to apply in person for their visa and therefore you may not be able to utilise a Visa supplier for those applications.
By selecting this option on the acceptance page, you agree to the following statements:
I understand that it is my/our responsibility to obtain all required documentation for the Visa/s and to complete all the application forms in sufficient time to allow for the
timeous processing of the visa application/s. Pentravel may, on my request, recommend a Visa supplier for assistance in acquiring the visa/s, however Pentravel accepts
no further responsibility for the processing of my/our visa.
I/we understand that the Visa service providers will charge a fee for their services, the visa cost and any other fees applicable for the application and I will pay this fee to
Pentravel on submission of my documentation. Pentravel will pay the Visa supplier on your behalf. I/We understand that it is my/our responsibility to ensure, once the
passports are returned to me/us that the visas issued are valid in respect of my/our itinerary and that all dates and entry points are correct. I/We understand that the
payment of the visa fee does not guarantee a visa will be approved as this is subject to the relevant Embassies approval process.
I understand that the Visa suppliers are not Pentravel's agents, employees, sub-contractors or nominees and therefore cannot be held responsible for their actions,
omissions or errors.

By selecting this option on the acceptance page, you agree to the following statements: I/we acknowledge that I/we have been strongly advised to process my/our
visa/e through a Visa supplier and hereby declare that I/ we have declined this offer, and I /we will be responsible for obtaining my/our own visa/e.
Accordingly, I/we will not hold Pentravel and its associated subsidiary offices, including any member of your staff and consultants liable for any losses or damages of
whatever nature which I/we may suffer as a result.

By selecting this option on the acceptance page you agree to the following statement:
I/we confirm there are no visas required for any travellers on our Itinerary.