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It’s been the topic of poems and songs, the north Italian city of Florence stands today as a testament to the beauty and romance of the Renaissance. It was in fact in Florence that the Renaissance began and the city is still regarded a cultural, artistic and architectural gem. For centuries it has inspired great works from great people like Galileo, Michelangelo, Dante and Leon Batist’Alberti, one of the fathers of Renaissance architecture…
Florence is a designer city and its inhabitants exude this sense of style. Little wonder than that such brands as Gucci and Ferragamo were established in this fashionable city. And, with its added status as the gateway to Tuscany, Florence offers superb Tuscan cuisine and even better Chiantis with which to wash all that hearty Italian food down.
Your cruise ship will dock at Livorno, which is at least an hour-and-a-half’s drive or train ride to Florence, the latter being the cheapest option. You’ll still need to get to the Livorno train station though, just a short 10-minute drive by taxi, bus or ship shuttle.
The best way to see the sights of glorious Florence is on foot. Be warned however, the streets are narrow and busy, and sometimes there aren’t even pavements. The historic city centre is relatively concentrated and you can walk between tourist highlights with ease.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you could use the public bike-hire service Mille e Una Bici with bikes available in eight points around the city, including one right outside the main train station.