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Naples has a bit of a bad boy image, but with one of the world’s largest historical centres and a heritage dating back to the 7 BC, the city’s cultural and historical tourism appeal have to be experienced. The historical centre is a labyrinth of charming alleyways, Greco-Roman ruins, baroque churches, pizzerias and cafés. And of course no visit to Naples would be complete without tucking in to an authentic Napoli pizza margherita
 century and is today the remnant of a monastery with a baroque tower; the Faraglioni Rocks, which are iconic elements of the island’s landscape; and Mt. Solaro chairlift taking visitors up 589m for amazing panoramic views.  
Your cruise ship will dock conveniently in the heart of downtown Naples and it is a short walk from the cruise terminal to the centre of town. 
Naples is a walking city and, in addition to taxis and the funicular, you should reach its sights with relative ease on foot.