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Explore Norway’s natural splendour on a fjord cruise. From the inky black depths of the Barent Sea to the beryl-blue glacial waters of the Lofoten Peninsula and beyond, Hurtigruten’s fjord cruises take guests on an exploration of a rugged coastline, starting in Bergen and ending in Kirkenes.

Join Hurtigruten, the global leader in exploration travel, for an unforgettable fjord cruise along Norway’s spectacularly rugged coastline.
For 125 years, Hurtigruten has been the lifeline for communities in Norway’s isolated north. Before a time of GPS and modern navigation, Hurtigruten would ferry passengers and goods between tiny fishing villages and natural harbours.  
Today that route has become known as the world’s most beautiful voyage, taking nature lovers through almost 1,500 miles of extraordinary coastline and past 34 ports.
In summer, the Midnight Sun illuminates your epic voyage through magnificent fjords and past towering snow-capped peaks that seem to rise straight up from the water. In winter, the ethereal Northern Lights dance above, as you bundle up on deck for a front-row seat to Mother Nature’s heavenly show.
With a range of fjord cruises from which to choose and optional excursions ranging from snowmobiles through Arctic landscapes to crab fishing near the Russian border, Viking banquets or craft beer tasting with Lofotpils, this is an ideal option for explorers who understand that the star of the show must certainly be the soul-stirring natural landscapes you’ll encounter along the way.

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